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Caroline monnet
Documentary | 16mm | black and white | 2'21'' | Canada / | 2012
Gephyrophobia ? latin word for ?the fear of crossing bridges? - was shot in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada. Inspired by pet architecture, a term coined by Japan?s Atelier Bow-Wow, and seeking to integrate the experience of the cinema into that of the city, the Situated Cinema references small buildings that have been squeezed into leftover urban spaces. The small cinema space, which can be demounted and which will travel to unorthodox locations across Canada, is intended to provide an alternative cinema-going experience: rather than constructing an immovable structure situated more or less permanently in the city, the Situated Cinema Project will construct a mobile micro-cinema that can be situated into various spaces, tapping into the flow and energies of the city. The cinema will screen a loop of five specially commissioned silent 16mm films from artists across the country.
Caroline Monnet is an award winning filmmaker and visual artist working in film/video, installation and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited extensively in film festivals and galleries, including the Toronto International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand vidéoformes (France), Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery (Winnipeg), Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art (Winnipeg) and the Manguere Arts Centre (Auckland, NZ). Monnet is also part of ITWÉ, a trans-disciplinary art collective dedicated to the creation of Aboriginal digital culture. She works and lives in Montréal, Canada.