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Maxime hourani
New Sidon Sun
Experimental doc. | hdv | color | 4'43'' | Lebanon | 2018
In 1978, the Saudi-Lebanese contractor Rafiq Hariri who made his wealth at the service of the Saudi royal family after the 1970’s global oil crisis, returned to Lebanon at the beginning of the civil war to deploy, in the name of reconstruction, one of many transnational developments in the town of Kfar Falous. Petrodollar recycling is the allocation of incredible funds to the benefit of disputed or untimely developments. “New Sidon Sun” is a video installation that tries to interrogate this model of failed modernity by surveying absence in the the Kfar Falous Science Complex as a petrodollar spill.
Maxime Hourani (Beirut, 1982) is an artist and architect who works with time-based media. He explores in his work the poetics and politics of land transformation while locating affective encounters between the history of nature and the nature of history.