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Georgy bagdasarov, alexandra moralesova
Rhus Typhina
Film expérimental | 16mm | noir et blanc | 2'44'' | Arménie / Tchèque (Rép.) | 2014
One of the series of labodoble experiment of the natural(organic) film developers. The structure of the film is based on the chemical formula of the Rhus Typhina`s developer. The main protagonist of the film is a species of flowering plant in the family Anacardiaceae which leaves and berries have been mixed with tobacco and other herbs and smoked by Native American tribes. We tried to apply the properties of the Rhus Typhina in the photochemistry. The film catches the research, experiments, harvesting and preparation of the film developer in which latter original negative was developed. The nonlinear structure of the chemical formula as well as nonlinear research of the process reflected in a order of the frames. There is no post-production except sound all editing work is made while film was loaded in camera before chemical development.
Alexandra Moralesová was born in 1989 to Czech mother and Argentinian father. She studied at the Centre of Audiovisual Studies at The Film faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Beyond the inspiration by the practices of experimental film, she`s mainly interested in remediation of found footage and found objects. Through various ways of viewing it, those objects represent for her its own possibility of de/construction in order to cross the frontier between analog and digital media and so disrupt the spectacle and alternate existing narratives. It`s been several years that she explores the post-production tools as for example the editing table or film viewers. The output of her works is often a performance, film screening or installation. Georgy Bagdasarov was born in Armenian family in 1978 to the sounds of rockets taking off into space from Kazakhstan. He never boarded any of those rockets and spent all his life living in various locations throughout Eurasia. Now he lives and works in Prague. His work explores the space between analog and digital, and merges them together. His works are created under strong influence of structural films, cooking recipes and syntax of computer codes. He combines different media: digital and film stock as well as music and food.