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David ross
Experimental doc. | 35mm, Cinema DNG | color | 15'10'' | Canada | 2015
Théodolitique (2015) merges the geodetic and the filmic, linking the very long history of land surveying with the comparatively new technologies of film-making. Connecting these two methods of visual observation and recording, Théodolitique documents student surveyors from the école des Métiers du Sud-Ouest-de-Montréal as they take an outdoor exam over the course of a single day. The project utilizes a wide range of filmic and acoustic techniques ? including a parabolic microphone to capture distant audio, and a custom built ?theodocam? to provide a surveyor?s eye view ? to reflect and mimic how the students move, think and learn their trade. Recorded on a designated practice field adjacent to the école des Métiers, Théodolitique is a film that is both chorographic and choreographic.
The works of David K. Ross are concerned with the processes and activities which enable infrastructural monuments, cultural institutions, and architectural structures to exist. Using photography, film and installation to carry out these inquiries, he examines the performative capacities of un-scripted activities, along with the relationships that exist between the recorded event and its re-presentation in physical space. These inquires have been applied to various projects including a study of the enigmatic activities of student land surveyors, the uncanny and oneiric qualities of a series of rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago, the nuanced and poetic movements of dancers about to perform, the mythic and sublime qualities of an urban lighting fixture in Montréal, the quietude of artists’ storage spaces, and a close examination of colour coded art shipping crates.