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Inger Lise hansen
Film expérimental | 16mm, super 8, hdv | couleur et n&b | 14'57'' | Norvège / 0 | 2018
TÂKE is a landscape film capturing mysterious natural and man-made fog-obscured scenes in Beijing, Oslo, Azores and Newfoundland. The film observes the spectacle of fog through several different film- and video formats. It explores the behaviour of Super-8 and 16mm film alongside digital video against a visual obstacle. The variable formats are also used to create spatial shifts on the screen and work with ideas of obscured or filtered visions. Associations can be made between the grain in the film material and the tiny particles, or condensation nuclei, needed to form both fog and smog, such as pollen, sea salt, dust and particle pollution. In parallel to the image the soundtrack attempts to create an auditory fog. It compares the loss of visibility to the loss of audible frequencies. During the process of making the film the artist discovered that the way sound gets filtered in fog is similar to her own loss of hearing, where the high frequencies are no longer perceived. In the fog the tiny water droplets block the high frequencies from passing. The soundtrack is composed of sirens and signals, hearing tests samples and environmental sounds.
Inger Lise Hansen (b. 1963) is a visual artist with background in experimental film and animation. She studied Fine Art at University of East London (1989) and Central-St. Martin’s College of Art and Design (1991) and received a Master of Fine Art Filmmaking from San Francisco Art Institute in 1996. Since the nineties her film works has been screened in international institutions and galleries such as Tate Modern, National Gallery London, RI at Jeu de Paume Paris, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and Malmö Konsthall. She has received a number of prizes from film festivals including Vienna Independent Shorts, Videoex, Ann Arbor and Oberhausen. Inger Lise lives and works in Oslo.