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Shwan dler qaradaki
The Golden Wish
Video | mov | color | 5'29'' | Norway / Iraq | 2019
The backstory for The Golden Wish is that the danish left government`s suggestion that the police could be able to seize jewelry and valuables from asylum seeker as they arrive in to the country. The jewelry and the valuebles would finance board and lodging for the newcomers. In connection with this project I have been to Iraq and visited two large refugee camps outside of Suleimaniah. The refugee camps are Arbar and Barika and they are located 29 km southeast of the city Suleimaniah. In all their are 32 000 refugees in both camps together. I was on the lookout in their local marked and contacted jewelry dealers and private persons in the area. I then buyed their gold jewelry, melted and casted it to a text based installation, formed to the sentence: “Everything will be ok”.
I am a artist that works within drawing, painting, installation, video and film. Thematically in several of my work I have worked with my own experiences as a Kurdish refugee, but my experiences can provide knowledge of universal issues that can be linked to being a human being on the run. I am originally from Iraqi Kurdistan, I completed a five-year art education before fleeing due to persecution in 1997. After a challenging escape through 11 countries, I came to Norway in December 1999 and completed art education here as well.