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Narges abyar
Yek rooz pas az dahomin rooz)
Documentary | dv | color | 24'30'' | Iran | 2008
A camel once mauled Uncle Reza`s head. Now Uncle Reza lives alone with few goods and some visits of a little girl. He takes care of another camel whose neck is branded with delicate sacred tattoos. Loneliness and solitude echo around him like the bell he carries each morning. The story builds complex levels of meaning around this simple man as a religious celebration is staged with the camel. On the 10th Day of Muharram, Uncle Reza tries to get back the camel as it is dressed in ceremonial clothes and walks within a group with music, historical reenactments and pilgrims. One Day After the 10th Day, you may realize how much you care for this man and his camel. This realistic fiction is about an old lonely man. He fills his solitary life with a camel, but the camel becomes prisoner of religious customs.
Narges Abyar was born in Tehran. She studied Persian Literature and achieved her B.A. in this field. Since then, she has devoted most of her time to write, which had led to the publication of ten story and fiction books for children, young adults and also adults. She has made several short movies and one documentary film.