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Myriam yates
Gander - Islands - Diptyque
Video installation | hdv | color | 8'45'' | Canada | 2017
Isolated in Central Newfoundland (Canada), Gander Airport had played a vital role from 1940s as a refueling stop for transatlantic flights. During the Cold War, Gander was one of the few refueling points where airplanes could stop en route from Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union to Cuba. Intended to present a progressive image of Canada, the historical international lounge was built in the late fifties with furniture by influential designers of the time. With the advent of jets with longer range in the 1960s most flights no longer needed to refuel. Gander has decreased in importance. The imposing lounge of the international zone today stands still, only occupied by US air force and private jets. Gander Islands (diptych) focuses on the smokers` room adjacent to the lounge. During the filming, deposited on the floor, a barely started drink with an Arabic writing on the bottle label - recalling the use of the place by American soldiers in transit from a mission. Punctuated by stickers of various tactical forces placed here and there in the terminal, this discrete presence hovers the lounge. The two images that run in synchronicity are close to a drift, a reverie of a hypothetical occupant.
Myriam Yates has developed a practice based essentially on the image (videographic, cinematic and photographic). Her work takes the form of large projections, installations and photographic series. She explores the connection between sites and their representation, often basing her projects on modern sites or sites in transition whose singular status interrogates the connections between the individual, modernity and architecture.