Catalogue 2015-2016
Parcourez ci-dessous le catalogue 2015-2016 des Rencontres Internationales, ou effectuez une recherche dans les archives des oeuvres présentées depuis 2004. De nouveaux extraits vidéos sont régulièrement mis en ligne, les images et les textes sont également progressivement mis à jour.
Red Capriccio
williams Blake
Red Capriccio
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 6:59 | USA | Canada | 2014

An anaglyph 3D found footage film about machines and landscape that interlaces motion with stasis, crescendos with glissandos, and reds with blues. Its three movements depict a parked Chevy Caprice police vehicle, Montréal’s Turcot Interchange, and an empty rave room.

Blake Williams is a filmmaker, film critic, and PhD student living and working in Toronto. His films have shown at the Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, Images Festival, and the Pacific Film Archive.

Pleurad XHAFA
Tireless Worker
xhafa Pleurad
Tireless Worker
Film expérimental | hdv | couleur | 42:57 | Albanie | 2015

Haxhi Xhihani (Xhiku) was born in 1953. Since 1973 he has worked in the bunker factory "Josif Pashko" in Tirana, Albania. Qualified as a model worker in helping the collective work, he was decorated with the Medal of Honor "Tireless worker" by the brigadier of factory Jani Ciko. After the communist regime, a part of the factory was destroyed and what remained is privatized, becoming a factory that producing tile for the sidewalks. The owner of the factory is the former brigadier. Currently, Xhiku is paid 3 euro per day.

Pleurad Xhafa is an visual artist and filmmaker who lives and work in Tirana, Albania. After studies in Bologna, he graduated with an MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna in 2012. Continues his research work in critically engaged and investigative conceptual practice. Through his work he attends to the legacies of conceptual and documentary approaches in art, making it relevant in the landscape of contemporary art research. He has participated in International group shows including: Every revolution is a throw of dice, Genoa, Italy (2006); Onufri Prize, Albania (2008); Tirana Biennale, Albania (2009); Berlin Biennale, Germany (2010); Lavoro/Work/Vore, Udine, Italy (2013); Ardhja Award, Tirana, Albania (2013); Shame on you, Celje, Slovenia (2015) His work as been awarded first prizes at Young Visual Artist Award in 2013 by Tirana Institute of Contemporary Art (T.I.C.A) and International studio & Curator Program (ISCP), New York.

Hybrid Diaspora
zahraie Ashkan
Hybrid Diaspora
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 1:22 | Iran | 2015

Filmed in Tehran, Mardehak, Jiroft and Kerman, Iran, 2015 Edited and Produced in Tehran, Iran, 2015 First shown in February 2015, in Vista Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Ashkan "aschk" Zahraie Born in 1989, Tehran, Iran Visual Artist, Storyteller Education 2011. Bachelor’s Degree. English Language and Literature. University of Tehran. Tehran, Iran.

ZAPRUDER, Zamagni David & Ranocchi Nadia
Speak in Tongues
zapruder , Zamagni David & Ranocchi Nadia
Speak in Tongues
Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 22:0 | Italie | 2014

Kitty came back home from on the island But kitty came on home without a name. To speak in tongues’ means to have the gift for mastering an unknown language while also being passed through by someone else’s word. In this telescopic and panoramic film of fac-simile et exempla, circularity at first, leads us right into the 360° view of a battle scene where the past is frozen within a tourist museum-device and the viewers with their camera are the actual subject. In sequence, concentric holes open up: a horse is performing a dance stepping backward; a fortune teller takes guesses on future circumstances and retrospective ones; the bodies of two gymnasts extend through their tools of artifice and grace, then we are taken on a ride across a Little Venice in miniature empty like a movie set. This spiral comes full circle in the silence of a lonely hunter on a Apennines tromp-l’oeil, a simulation park with fake birds and a mimetic wildermann: a carousel of the artificial where solitude is sound and nature is impermeable.  Proceeding by aphorisms, this film unfolds into a number of articulations and dimensions, all exceptionally true and false, like in an almanac of vision.

ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup is a collective formed by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti. Founded in 2000 and based in the hills between Cesena and Rimini, the group is the author of film projects and art installations that have been shown in major international film and art festivals. Zapruder’s fervent production relies on a ferocious and comic analysis of the human condition whose tragic destiny becomes a metaphysical place where they explore the language of representation, forging a surreal and poetic portrait. The group film-projects are often flexible cinematic devices, which Zapruder defines as `Chamber Cinema` sort of incarnated environment and disembodied theatre, poised between visual and performing arts. Vision becomes experience of time, long shots prevail and draw a polycentric spatial scene that allow the eye to open on the enigma of vision rather than narrowing on the narrative anecdote. Zapruder’s projects are written and directed by David Zamagni and Nadia Ranocchi. David Zamagni ( b. 1971, Rimini) During his cinema studies in Bologna at DAMS, in 1994 he joins the theater company ‘Motus’ to later become icon actor of the performance `Catrame` (1996). In 1998, with Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò, is co-author of `Orlando Furioso` and in 1999 they are awarded the UBU prize as well as that of the magazine `Lo straniero`; in the same year he leaves Motus to pursue his interests in cinema. Nadia Ranocchi ( b. 1973, Rimini) After completing her studies in Psychology at the University of Bologna, in 1998 she starts working with David Zamagni on their movies and audiovisual projects. Monaldo Moretti (b. 1972, Recanati) joins them in 2000. He is David’s former classmate in highschool and later on over the DAMS years. As well as co-founder of the group Zapruder, he`s director of photography, actor and foley artist.

Cosas por Venir
zubillaga Luciano
Cosas por Venir
Film expérimental | 4k | couleur | 64:0 | Argentine | Allemagne | 2014

Sluice Art Fair London 2015 (from the catalogue) Luciano Zubillaga`s Things to Come 1968–2015   Sluice Art Fair 2015 have pleasure in presenting the UK premier of Luciano Zubillaga`s new feature film Things to Come staring the iconic German actress Hanna Schygulla.    Things to Come is a powerful cinematic essay that poetically meditates on magic, youth, the politics of idealism and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke as narrated by Hanna Schygulla.    Things to Come is set within Ex ESMA, the former Argentine military detention camp, notorious for the torture summary execution and disappearance of political dissidents during the 1970s, and serves within Things to Come as the place to memorialise not just those who have fallen in the fight against dictatorship, but also the possibility of revolutionaries yet to come and lovers yet to meet.    Things to Come radically reinterprets the art of cinema by exploring the graphic score Ongilash, composed in 1968 by the directors father Luis Zubillaga, as a way of rethinking how the spatiality of our everyday notions of past, present and future, have been fundamentally de-centred as a result of 20 th century avant-garde art practice and the implications of quantum mechanics.   Things to Come explores the potential for theatre beyond the linear, a fourth dimensional space were performers and places continually merge into one another.    Things to Come is part of Alien Cartographies, a series of three films by Luciano Zubillaga that explore how ‘posthumanism` and ‘decolonial options` may come to effect how we see and experience narratives of spacetime within moving image and art practice. Things to Come 1968–2015 will also feature a live performance of the film’s music score -- Ongilash -- by the London College of Music Camerata and the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble. Ongilash the music of Things to Come The Argentine composer Luis Zubillaga (1928–1995) composed the symphonic work, Ongilash in 1968. The title originates in the music of George Gurdjieff, the reading of a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke and the first word pronounced by the composers son.    Ongilash avoids traditional music notation by embracing the experimental graphic style explored during the 1960`s that allow each performer the space to create, but within strict parameters.    Ongilash takes temporal dynamics to the limit: a crescendo from the barely audible to the fortissimo maximo, non-traditional sound attacks, meticulous durations stipulated in seconds and the use of the voices of the performers.    Ongilash received a posthumous premiere performance in 2012 by the Argentine National Symphony Orchestra in Buenos Aires and this performance will be the premiere of this work in the UK.   Ongilash will be performed live by the London College of Music Camerata Orchestra in partnership with the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble and will be performed as a loop with intervals.  

Luciano Zubillaga works with sound, moving image, text and performance. His work combines transdisciplinary research in the margins of philosophy, science, and collaborative art practice. He recently exhibited work at The Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, IMT Gallery, London, Image Movement, Berlin, Art-O-Rama, Marseille and at Ann Arbor Film Festival. In 2008, he received the London Artist Film and Video Awards (LAFVA) by the Arts Council and Film London.