Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Julia kater
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 4'0'' | Brésil | 2016
In Breu (Pitch black), the recorded images present, in a non-linear montage, the semi-artisanal paving process of a rectangle arbitrarily drawn in the middle of a vacant lawn. The soundtrack brings a circular text that overflows in modal adverbial adjuncts (mainly right and wrong),without defining any clear object, the text builds the speech in an endless cycle, onto which the ideas of progress and evolution cannot be applied.
JULIA KATER | 1980 ‘ Paris, France Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Graduated in Photography from the School of Advertising and Marketing - ESPM (Sao Paulo - Brazil). The research of the artist Julia Kater is guided in the elaboration of a body of work that can treat it from its visual improbability. Whether by the collage brought about by different overlaid photographic prints, which announces a watchful sky ‘ despite its invisible character ‘ or by videos that bring about the rearrangement of a set of actions and phrases, each work in its own way prioritizes the elaboration of bodies from everyday scenes that suggest simultaneous shared experiences with the persistent memory together with its struggle with forgetfulness, its ally and the cause of the gradual loss of a large part of the truths. Kater regularly participates in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, in countries like France, USA, Belgium and Portugal.