Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Askhat kuchinchirekov
Benzin bitti
Fiction, Fiction | hdv | couleur | 16'45'' | Kazakhstan | 2013
GAS IS OVER, a boy's dreams revolve around one particular lake. His dreams seem as if they are about to come true when he sets off for the lake with his father. However, their journey is riddled with challenges and the boy’s father struggles to keep his promise.
Palestinian contemporary artist and filmmaker Shadi Habib Allah takes us with him on an unlikely journey of discovery ‘ at gunpoint across the Sinai Peninsula, led by Bedouins who will force us across an unmapped terrain whose only signposts are the small stories they tell about the stakes of living, dying, and moving through this mysterious space. Stories, itineraries, directions, and allegiances become as blurred as the status of the Bedouins themselves, who remain unrecognized non citizens of this no man’s land, through which Habib Allah is led ‘”behind the lines of military checkpoints, off the political, economic, and historical grid, a place where these desert outliers quietly continue their lineage with the help of snakes”.