Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Quy Minh truong
Nha Cay
Doc. expérimental | 16mm | couleur et n&b | 84'4'' | Viet nam / Chine | 2019
"In Minh Quý Tr??ng’s striking second feature, a man living on Mars in the year 2045 examines footage brought back from his encounters with an indigenous community in the jungles of Vietnam. As he experiments, his thoughts drift from matters of identity, aesthetics, and the politics of imagemaking, to ritual burial practices, to the seen and unseen forces that shape cultures. Combining elements of science fiction and ethnography, The Tree House is a powerful exploration of how time and environment relate to our understanding of home.", 57th New York Film Festival. (filmlinc.org/nyff2019/films/the-tree-house/)
Tr??ng Minh Quý was born in 1990 in Buôn Ma Thu?t, a small city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Quý lives and works here and there in the vibrancy of memories and present moments, his narratives and images, lying between documentary and fiction, personal and impersonal, draw on the landscape of his homeland, childhood memories, and the historical context of Vietnam. In his films, he has experimented with combining abstract concepts-images with realistic improvisations during shooting. He is the alumnus of 2012 Asian Film Academy (Busan International Film Festival) and 2016 Berlinale Talents (Berlin International Film Festival). His films have been selected for international film festivals and exhibitions such as Locarno, New York, Clermont-Ferrand, Oberhausen, Rotterdam, Busan, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris&Berlin. He won the main Art Prize at the 20th VideoBrasil (Sao Paulo) in 2017. His second feature film, The Tree House, premiered in 72nd Locarno Film Festival (Filmmakers of The Present Competition, Swiss Critics Boccalino Award), where it was called as “Three of the festival's best premieres” by Mubi and “a singular entrancing ode to memory and filmmaking” by The Film Stage. The film continued to screen in 57th New York Film Festival (Projections), Viennale, Festival Des 3 Continents (Competition), Rotterdam International Film Festival (Bright Future Main Program), CPH:Dox (Artist &Auteur), Goteborg International Film Festival, among others. Currently Quý is taking his research on analog and new media at Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Arts in France.