Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Miguel mejias
The Foundation
Experimental film | mov, 16mm | color | 34'8'' | Spain / United Kingdom | 2020
Being lead by a virtual voice an ordinary man find shelter in the woods. There, he will try to understand the mystery of his situation.
Miguel Mejías (Tenerife, Spain, 1991) studied in Madrid screenwriting after having the studies in sociology and communication. After miscellany of other jobs as driver, cultural promoter, stevedore, journey laborer, editor, historical restorer, he is currently a professor of cinema and literature in Sundsvall, Sweden. His work has been selected for international festivals as Trieste, Toulouse, Experimental Superstars, International Film Festival of Las Palmas, Málaga, Mostra de Cinema Mediterraneo, Ismailia, Bogotá or Buenos Aires.