Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Lena bui
Nang Bang Phang
Fiction, Docufiction | hdv | couleur | 50'1'' | Viet nam | 2016
Giang visits her aunt Mười in the Mekong delta (Tien Giang) for the summer to give her mother personal space and time to sort things out. The slow rhythm of countryside life, children’s games, and close relationship within the neighborhood help Giang forget about her personal troubles and the hot Mekong sun. Seeing her 60-year-old aunt constantly busy with farm work, Giang decides to help out. The film develops through Giang’s perspective, weaving documentary foot- ages with a fictional storyline. Through Giang and aunt Mười’s developing relationship we get a sense of the slow and drawn-out rhythm of life in the rural South of Vietnam, the close contact between human and animals, the switch from traditional methods to reliance on industrial feed, concerns sur- rounding food safety, and the perception and interests of a typical farming household in the Mekong Delta. The film also introduces a new angle into the relationship between human and animals, and the inseparable ties be- tween life and death.
Born in Danang, Vietnam, 1985. She spent part of her childhood in Thailand before completing secondary and high school in Saigon, Vietnam. She has a B.A in East Asian Studies from Wesleyan University, USA and since 2009 has moved back to live and work in Saigon as a full-time visual artist. She is happy to tell stories using whatever medium available, from words, images, to sounds and space. She has exhibited in various museums and art spaces in Vietnam and abroad. Her experience with moving images started with video art works: Passage of the mass, 2014; The process of purifying, 2013, Where birds dance their last, two-channel installation, 2012. Flat Sunlight is her first film.