Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Guston sondin-kung
STUXNET in Denmark
Video | 4k | color | 4'37'' | USA / Denmark | 2015
The Video work STUXNET in Denmark tells a hallucinatory realist fable about an unnamed intelligence officer who has participated in the cyber warfare attack against the Iranian Nuclear plant in Natanz from a hotel room in Copenhagen. What unfolds through the story is a dialogue about the fictive side of documents, participation and complicity in remote warfare, the trap of paranoia and the unattainable desire to be completely immune to mass surveillance. This video is based upon the real events of what has been termed the STUXNET virus, a cyber warfare weapon that was developed by a consortium of different government bodies as a way to disrupt the enrichment of uranium at the Iranian Nuclear plant in Natanz from 2010-2012. Cyber security experts have tracked the virus and discovered that one of the main control servers was located outside the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been suggested by security analysts that because the control servers were located in Denmark then there would have been a forward operating command and control center set up in the country that was active during the time of the attack. An intelligence officer following standard operating procedure would have established this in a hotel and worked cloaked in what is referred to as a “security tent” that is specifically designed to create an electromagnetic shield around its exterior so as to disrupt any listening or watching devices.
Guston Sondin-Kung is a visual artist born in the USA and currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He works in a project-based manner primarily in the mediums of film/video, installation and writing. His artwork explores how historical narratives, memory, and ideology are constructed and influence our perception and thinking. Informed by marxist theory, psychoanalysis, postcolonial theory and feminism he is invested in deconstructing the complex intersections of race, class, and gender from a transnational perspective in order to pose alternative narratives and forms of representation. In addition to art institutions, he regularly presents his artworks and artistic research in academic, activist, educational and film festival contexts.