Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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zapruder, zamagni david & ranocchi nadia
Speak in Tongues
Doc. expérimental | hdv, 2k CineCamera | couleur | 22'0'' | Italie | 2014
‘Speak In Tongues’ is a panoramic and telescopic view on a number of cases featuring ‘one man’ who is guided by a guesswork on present tense; a film of exempla, aphorisms and math exercises, all based on an aptitude of the living to non-literal communication.
ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup is a collective formed by David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti. Founded in 2000 and based in the hills between Cesena and Rimini, the group is the author of film projects and art installations that have been shown in major international film and art festivals. Zapruder’s fervent production relies on a ferocious and comic analysis of the human condition whose tragic destiny becomes a metaphysical place where they explore the language of representation, forging a surreal and poetic portrait. The group film-projects are often flexible cinematic devices, which Zapruder defines as `Chamber Cinema` sort of incarnated environment and disembodied theatre, poised between visual and performing arts. Vision becomes experience of time, long shots prevail and draw a polycentric spatial scene that allow the eye to open on the enigma of vision rather than narrowing on the narrative anecdote. Zapruder’s projects are written and directed by David Zamagni and Nadia Ranocchi. David Zamagni ( b. 1971, Rimini) During his cinema studies in Bologna at DAMS, in 1994 he joins the theater company ‘Motus’ to later become icon actor of the performance `Catrame` (1996). In 1998, with Enrico Casagrande and Daniela Nicolò, is co-author of `Orlando Furioso` and in 1999 they are awarded the UBU prize as well as that of the magazine `Lo straniero`; in the same year he leaves Motus to pursue his interests in cinema. Nadia Ranocchi ( b. 1973, Rimini) After completing her studies in Psychology at the University of Bologna, in 1998 she starts working with David Zamagni on their movies and audiovisual projects. Monaldo Moretti (b. 1972, Recanati) joins them in 2000. He is David’s former classmate in highschool and later on over the DAMS years. As well as co-founder of the group Zapruder, he`s director of photography, actor and foley artist.