Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Federico solmi
The Ballroom
Animation | hdv | couleur | 5'41'' | Italie / USA | 2016
THE BALLROOM With his typical sardonic and irreverent approach, Federico Solmi has orchestrated a masquerade between history’s most feared and beloved leaders in his latest work, ‘The Ballroom’. In the installation, videos display surreal vignettes of a lavish ballroom party that converge multiple narratives of gluttony, gossip, and over the top exuberance. The follies of each overly ambitious leader result in a chaotic festival of drinking, smoking, dancing, and feasting. A vain display of ridiculous costumes, shining with medals and jewelry, promote a visual disorder that coalesces with the indulgent antics of these powerful figures. Rather than reimagining history, the leaders enter into our conceited present-day celebrity culture. They call to fault our own complacency and perpetuation of skewed historical myths and perspectives.
Solmi’s elaborate installations combine 3D animation and video game technology with paintings, drawings, and kinetic sculptures. Bright colors and a satirical aesthetic portray a dystopian vision of our present day society. Through an intricate process in which technology and hand-painting merge into an organic whole, his unique approach renders the most loathed aspects of modern life. With garish imagery and mesmerizing movement, Solmi expresses a harsh criticism toward the system that approves and trusts without questioning the fragile foundation on which our culture and post-modernist society is based. Federico Solmi, (lives and works in New York). In the year 2009, Federico Solmi was awarded with the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship in the category of Video & Audio by the Guggenheim Foundation of New York. He is currently a visiting Professor at Yale University School of Art, New Haven (CT). Solmi has been featured in solo museum exhibitions at the Haifa Museum of Art, Israel (2016) Museo de Arte Contemporaneo del Zulia, Maracaibo Venezuela (forthcoming), and the Centro Cultural Matucana 100, Santiago, Chile (2015). His work has been included in several international Biennials, including the Frankfurt B3 Biennial of Moving image (2015), the First Shenzhen Animation Biennial in China (2013), the 54th Venice Biennial (2011), and the Site Santa Fe Biennial in New Mexico (2010).