Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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ouazzani carrier, marie ouazzani
Tracing Ghosts
Video | hdv | color | 9'22'' | France / Korea, South | 2015
During the Japanese colonization of Korea, this school aimed to recruit orphan kids for the occupying forces. Now an artists residency, one says that it’s haunted. By playing with some tracing papers of artistic, historical and touristic images, three young koreans awaken the memories and past of this place.
The artist duo Marie Ouazzani (b. 1991) and Nicolas Carrier (b. 1981) was formed in 2015. Through travels that bring them to monuments and historical landscapes, they engage with the context of those places and re-contextualize images to highlight their memories. Their installations, films and publications confront those cultural objects to investigate their spiritual and phantasmagorical potential. By handling images, their work offers a critical reflection around the representations induced by our time.