Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Julie murray
Untitled (Earth)
| | color | 10'0'' | Ireland / USA | 2015
Untitled (earth)is a digital montage of found film material examined over a lightbox. Hazy figures in smudged pink and gold landscapes are pulled past the video lens unraveling the film image. A cinematic experience is reassembled in stop/start motion falling in and out of sync with the video frame rate. Ruined image detail in rhythmic incantation taps a remembrance of familiar forms in the brightly patterned tropes of cinema.
Born in Ireland and living in the US, Murray draws upon her background in art studies and practice to make moving image works in a range of experimental forms. Her films and videos have screened widely and her work is in a number of library and special collections. She is currently teaching at the University of Iowa.