Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Christof nuessli
Under The Skin
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 16'40'' | Suisse / Royaume-Uni | 2019
Zooming into two books containing mug shots from around 1880–1935, Under the Skin, draws lines from historical events to contemporary developments of control and surveillance. While describing what she sees in the books, the narrator intertwines subject areas like; how time changes perspectives on historical events, the role of archives as foundations for power and control, the possible brutality of bureaucracy, the current state of facial recognition and personal experience with the law enforcement. Under the Skin questions given structures of power and asks how we can take back the sovereignty of information.
Christof Nüssli (*1986, Zurich) is a visual artist, whose interdisciplinary approach involves moving images, photography, sculpture, installation, text and artist books. His work has been exhibited in various institutions and off-spaces. In 2019 his work was shown at Photoforum Pasquart (CH), Swiss Institute New York (US), Glue Factory (UK) and VideoEx (CH). Nüssli authored three artist books (Miklos Klaus Rozsa, Withheld due to:, googly eyes) which won international prizes. Since 2014 Christoph Oeschger and Christof Nüssli run the publishing project cpress, focusing on artist books. In 2018, Nüssli was an artist in residence at the Swiss Institute New York, the Andreas Zuest Library and in 2016 at the Istituto Svizzero di Roma. In 2013, Nüssli received a Master of Design from Werkplaats Typografie. Since 2018 he attends the Master of Fine Arts program at the Glasgow School of Arts.