Un extrait vidéo au hasard
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Wasim ghrioui
Military Blanket
Doc. expérimental, Autobiographical | hdv | noir et blanc | 3'50'' | Syrie / Allemagne | 2017
“Military Blanket” is going back to the memory of the day when my father died. It describes the bureaucracy of death, in a military hospital. Growing up is basically we slowly witness people we know dying around us. After my father died and the war started, I lost many people I know, but I chose to talk about the story of my father?s death, because death was still holy back then, death was capable of teaching me, death was the most incredible proof of life.
Wasim Ghrioui (b. 1981 Damascus, Syria) is a multidisciplinary artist working within visual art, writing, music, directing and filmmaking. Between 1998 - 2011 he worked full-time with mosaic art and participated in group and solo exhibitions in Syria, the Arab world and internationally. His current artistic emphasis lies on autobiographical writing, taking the shape of experimental theater as well as filmmaking. Ghrioui lives and works in Berlin since 2013.