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Felice d'agostino, felice d'agostino
Catalogue : 2014In attesa dell'avvento | Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur et n&b | 22:20 | Italie | 2011
Felice d'agostino , felice d'agostino
In attesa dell'avvento
Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur et n&b | 22:20 | Italie | 2011

1861 - 1971 – 2011. Dates, but also firm props of the official rhetoric that formulates and reformulates the interpretation of actual history. 1861’s celebrations of Italian Unification see us now in this tough 2011, disclosing a strong emphasis that clashes against the unresolved Italian past. Playing with the banality of historical dates, the film wedges a third date Reggio Calabria’s 1971 revolt. Unsettling shadows coming back to disturb the order with which politicians wish to govern the present crisis.

Arturo Lavorato, born in 1974, and Felice d’Agostino, born in 1978, are film directors, directors of photography and editors. They co-directed all of their work in their home region, Calabria. Their films have been shown in many festivals (Cinéma du réel 2005 and 2006) and won awards around the world, including the Orrizonti prize at the 68th Mostra de Venezia and Best documentary at the Torino Film Festival in 2005.

Vanja d'alcantara
Catalogue : 2005La tercera vida | Documentaire | dv | couleur | 47:0 | Belgique | 2005
Vanja d'alcantara
La tercera vida
Documentaire | dv | couleur | 47:0 | Belgique | 2005

Purificacion Crego est incarcérée depuis 11 ans dans la prison d?Avila, à 100 km de Madrid. Aujourd?hui, elle a 29 ans. Elle est à deux semaines de sa sortie. La tercera vida est une rencontre avec cette femme prisonnière depuis ses 18 ans, qui est sur le point de retrouver sa liberté. C?est un portrait à huis clos, un témoignage intime et spontané dans lequel se dévoilent les événements de son passé, l?expérience de sa vie carcérale, et les perspectives de sa liberté imminente.

Née le 30 Décembre 1977 en Belgique. Expérience et Projets: 2002 ?2005:Phantasmascope Prod. Belgique & Espagne Production / Réalisation : La troisième vie, documentaire, 50 min. Déc.?03 - Jan.?05:Moonstone International Screen Labs Royaume-Uni Scénariste/Réalisatrice : programme de développement de long-métrage (MEDIA). 2002 ? 2003 Open City Films / Blow Up Pictures/New York, USA Lectrice de scénarios / Consultante 2002 ? 2003 Film / Video Arts New York, USA Consultance réalistation & scénario Janvier 2003 & ?04 Sundance Film Festival Park City, USA Mai 2003 Tribeca Film Festival New York, USA Interprète francophone et hispanophone 2001 ? 2002 Compagnies diverses / ONG?s Bruxelles, Belgique Réalisation de spots publicitaires (e.a. : Proximus, Handicap Intl., Vietnam Plus) 2001 VRT Bruxelles, Belgique Réalisation reportages TV pour ?Kom op tegen Kanker? ? recherche contre le cancer. plusieurs CM fictions Sup16, supervision: Stephen Frears 2000 ? 2001 Rits & Phantasmascope Prod.Bruxelles, Belgique Scénario / Réalisation L?Autre Monde, CM fiction 16mm, supervision: Stijn Coninx Prix: 2002 Lauréate de la Fondation Belge de la Vocation. Parcours Académique: 2002 ? 2003 New York University, USA ?Certificate in Screenwriting? ? année de spécialisation en écriture de scénario. 1997 ? 2001 Rits Bruxelles, Belgique Licences en Réalisation Cinéma 1995 ? 1999 Université Libre de Bruxelles Candidatures en Histoire 1985 ? 1995 Ecole Européenne Bruxelles, Belgique Baccalauréat Européen

Jean-luc d'aleo, lionel stocard
Catalogue : 2005Modules Catalytiques | Création sonore | 0 | | 15:0 | France | 2003
Jean-luc d'aleo , lionel stocard
Modules Catalytiques
Création sonore | 0 | | 15:0 | France | 2003

"Création & utilisation d`éléments de diffusion mobile, dans un soucis de perte de repères spatiaux et d`immersion dans le son. Création sonore et composition pour des dispositifs électroacoustiques originaux Dans les oeuvres sonores habituelles, les éléments de diffusions, les haut parleurs, sont fixes. Le son se déplace d`une enceinte à l`autre par un effet de mixage. Dans le noir total, lors d`une écoute attentive, chacun est capable de définir approximativement la place des hauts parleurs dans l`espace. Il s`agit ici, de proposer des systèmes de diffusion mobile suggérant un autre mode d`écoute et de diffusion, intensifiant la perte de repères habituels à l`écoute d`une pièce musicale. Une proposition pour partir à la découverte de nouveaux espace, où l?imaginaire et le rêve nous entraîne vers l?impalpable. Une proposition d?élévation, de révélation de l?invisible, un commencement, qui recommence, inexorablement, sans révéler sa suite, laissant à chacun le soin de la trouver"

Kurt d'haeseleer
Catalogue : 2005Fossilization | Vidéo expérimentale | s-vhs | couleur et n&b | 9:1 | Belgique | 2005
Kurt d'haeseleer
Vidéo expérimentale | s-vhs | couleur et n&b | 9:1 | Belgique | 2005

"For fossilization, d`Haeseleer used video as a kneading machine. Layers of images are moulded into a stickymess that absorbs and attractys everything it touches. It`s an apocalyptic endgame, starring several cars and some human remains and maybe even some wishful thinking on a moody. Rainy day."

Kurt D`HAESELEER was born in 1974 in Anderlech. He studied Audiovisual Arts at the Hogeschool Sint-Lukas in Brussels and Modern History in Leuven and in Vienna. Since 2001 he has been a member of the artist collective De Filmfabriek with realisation of several projects, for example live performances together with Tuk (aka Guillaume Graux) in the Beurrschouwburg in Brussels or the World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam.

Kurt d'haeseleer
Catalogue : 2007Rock | Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 7:6 | Belgique | 2007
Kurt d'haeseleer
Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 7:6 | Belgique | 2007

Rock BE, 2007, 7`02? Underneath a water surface or in an underwater world, we can see people floating. They could be a concert audience; listeners to music by TUK perhaps, for which Rock serves as a music video. But they are lying still, floating, beyond their earthly existence. Mesmerizing noise accompanies them through a channel of a pixel-infected nature that swallows them up and spits them out in a parallel universe where an artificial landscape of rocks and stones unfolds along a sea. In the worlds of Rock, it is impossible to distinguish digital from analogue, virtual from real, natural from artificial.

Josef dabernig
Catalogue : 2014River Plate | Film expérimental | 35mm | noir et blanc | 16:0 | Autriche | Italie | 2013
Josef dabernig
River Plate
Film expérimental | 35mm | noir et blanc | 16:0 | Autriche | Italie | 2013

River Plate displays a micro society in a fragmented body-narration. Knees, shoulders, feet and bellies are signifiers of articulated human presence, revealing nothing else against a claustrophobic background of cement, stone and water.

Born 1956 in Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria. Visual artist, studied sculpture at the Academy of fine Aers, Vienna. Short films since 1994. Lives in Vienna

 Exhibitions include among others the 9. Gwangju Biennial (2012), the Venice Biennials (2003, 2001) and Manifesta 3, Ljubljana (2000). Film Festival participations at Locarno International Film Festival (2008, 2002), London Film Festival (2009), Mar del Plata International Film Festival (2011, 2007), Melbourne International Film Festival (2001), International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (2009, 2006), International Film Festival Rotterdam (2011, 2000), Toronto International Film Festival (2009, 2006) and Venice Film Festival (2011), where his short film Hypercrises has been nominated for the European Film Academy Award Monographs have been published by Kerber PhotoArt (2013), JRP|Ringier, Zurich (2008) and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König (2005).

Dagmar dachauer
Catalogue : 2018Competing for Sunlight: Ash | Vidéo | 4k | couleur | 4:43 | Autriche | 0 | 2017
Dagmar dachauer
Competing for Sunlight: Ash
Vidéo | 4k | couleur | 4:43 | Autriche | 0 | 2017

`Competing for Sunlight` is a Short Dance Film Series, featuring protagonists of a range of different tree species and Dance, telling individual short stories. “The death of a species, especially a species as significant as the Ash, punches a hole not only in nature, but also in our culture”. - George Monbiot Starting in the early nineties in Eastern Europe, an Asian fungus has gradually conquered the European continent, infecting almost all ash trees. The symptoms are very severe, many cases leading to the death of most trees. As aresult, it is assumed that the ash tree in Europe will soon be close to extinct. Choreographer and dancer Dagmar Dachauer was inspired by the sad faith of the European ash tree, and linked it to personal loss in her own life. Finis est cinis: Ash is what remains. Ash is a eulogy for the ash tree and for Prasthan Dachauer, who passed away in 2016.

Dagmar Dachauer is a dancer, choreographer and filmmaker born in Linz, based in Brussels. She grew up in a lonely house in the Upper Austrian forest, a place that continuously inspires her work. She has studied Dance at Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten as well as at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. She founded the Austrian art association UMFUG, in which she realizes dance and theatre performances as well as film projects with collaborators coming from various backgrounds such as Ecology, Cinema, Theatre, Music and Sound Design. Her solo works about the Viennese Waltz (“Wunderbare Jahre” and “Wie soll ich das erklären”), as well as her dance films have received several awards and are touring internationally.

Tobias daemgen
Catalogue : 2007Duschszenarium | Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 1:44 | Allemagne | 2007
Tobias daemgen
Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 1:44 | Allemagne | 2007

In der Videoarbeit "Duschszenarium" wird die lineare, filmische Abfolge der Einstellungen der Duschszene aus dem Film "Psycho" von Alfred Hitchcok durch das Element der Gleichzeitigkeit erweitert. Die ursprüngliche Struktur der aufeinanderfolgenden Schnitte wird aufgebrochen und ein Blick in die Mechanik der Szene wird geöffnet. Jede der Einstellungen behält ihre zeitliche Position innerhalb des Erzählstrangs aber bleibt nach ihrem Einsatz für die restliche Dauer des Clips als Loop erhalten. Durch die serielle, gleichzeitige Anordnung der Einstellungen bleibt es sowohl möglich dem Verlauf der Szene zu folgen als auch etwas über das Verhältnis und die Zeitlichkeit der Schnitte und Einstellungen zueinander im direkten Vergleich zu erfahren.

Tobias Daemgen, geboren 12.07.1980 in Braunschweig, 2001 bis 2008 Studium an der Fachhochschule Düsseldorf. Lebt und arbeitet in Düsseldorf.

Emanuele dainotti
Catalogue : 2019Cutting Edge | Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 3:31 | Italie | 2018
Emanuele dainotti
Cutting Edge
Vidéo expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 3:31 | Italie | 2018

On 5 May 2004 the Fondazione Nicola Trussardi presents the piece Untitled (2004) by Maurizio Cattelan that is specifically conceived for one of the most significant spots in the Milano’s history: Piazza XXIV Maggio. Less than forty-eight hours after its installation, the bricklayer Franco De Benedetto destroyed the sculpture, which was to have remained up until June 6

Emanuele Dainotti (b. 1987 in Milano, Italy. Lives and works in Antwerpen, Belgium) is an artist and filmmaker. His videos and video installations have been shown and awarded in expositions and festivals such as Museum of the Moving Image (USA); Louvre Museum (France); FIVAC (Cuba); Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil); CGAI (Spain); XIV Mostra internazionale del video d’autore Avvistamenti (Italy); VAFT (Finland), Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia); Festival Miden (Greece); Fonlad (Portugal), Hudson Valley MOCA (USA). In 2018 he won the "International Competition for the Intermedia Artwork" organized by the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, The Faculty of Intermedia and the Foundation for Development of Intermedia Artwork. In 2019 a jury presided by Anish Kapoor awarded him with the "Now You See Me award" at Louvre Museum in Paris.

François daireaux
Catalogue : 2013Aires | Documentaire | dv | | 54:0 | France | Inde | 2012
François daireaux
Documentaire | dv | | 54:0 | France | Inde | 2012

En assemblant des fragments collectés au fil de ses voyages, François Daireaux invente sa propre géographie sensible. Espace magnétique où dialoguent sans un mot les gestes, les mouvements et la matière, Aires est une expérience de perte de repères, un itinéraire au c?ur d?une sculpture vivante, d?un « Tout-monde. »

Né en 1966 à Boulogne-sur-Mer, François Daireaux vit et travaille à Paris. Il développe depuis une vingtaine d?années un art de l?installation qui intègre différents médiums : sculpture, photographie, vidéo ; conçus à partir d?expériences et de matériaux rapportés de ses nombreuses pérégrinations de par le monde. Loin de tout exotisme, en observateur minutieux, il s?attache aux gestes du travail comme à ceux de l?abandon, aux objets ouvragés ou laissés-pour-compte pour nous faire découvrir drames et merveilles au c?ur du quotidien. Depuis 2012, sa production d?artiste s?accompagne de la réalisation de films pour le cinéma et son travail commence à être découvert dans différents festivals européens. Documentaires sans dialogue, Daireaux manie dans ses films l?art du fragment pour nous entraîner dans des voyages immersifs au c?ur d?un réel incandescent.

Catherine dalfin
Catalogue : 2006Passante | Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 25:18 | France | Lettonie | 2005
Catherine dalfin
Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 25:18 | France | Lettonie | 2005

Au bord de la Baltique, à Liepaja Karosta, un ancien site militaire soviétique, j?avais en tête de filmer le passage de la lumière. Très vite, je remarquais une présence diffuse, une circulation fugitive et continue le long des sentiers sillonnant le quartier en tous sens, et je décidai d?inclure ces étranges passants dans le film, me demandant s?il leur arrivait parfois de se rejoindre.

Dans le désordre, a fait des études de lettres et d?histoire de l?art, s?est glissée à la radio pendant un certain temps, a croisé la route d?un collectif d?artistes, a été critique d?art pensant que ça valait la peine, a cru pouvoir participer à la création d?une revue et a finalement persévéré dans la vie après avoir touché une caméra.

Catherine dalfin
Catalogue : 2008Can you go quickly to the sun? | Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 45:0 | France | 2008
Catherine dalfin
Can you go quickly to the sun?
Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 45:0 | France | 2008

En Lettonie, quelques personnes vivent sur le site d?un ancien camp militaire construit au milieu de la forêt par les Soviétiques pour accueillir un radiotélescope ultra-puissant capable d?espionner l?Europe de l?Ouest et l?Amérique du Nord. L?indépendance déclarée en 1992 n?a pas eu que des répercussions positives sur leur vie. Plus que jamais, il leur faut tout inventer pour rendre la vie possible et agréable dans ce lieu.

Catherine dalfin
Catalogue : 2010L'âge du Bronze | Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 6:20 | France | 2009
Catherine dalfin
L'âge du Bronze
Doc. expérimental | dv | couleur | 6:20 | France | 2009

Sur une petite île au large de la Baltique, une idylle douce-amère entre l?homme qui tente de se faire une place et la nature qui n`en a cure.

"Dans le désordre, Catherine Dalfin a fait des études de lettres et d'histoire de l'art, s'est glissée à la radio pendant un certain temps, a croisé la route d'un collectif d'artistes, a été critique d'art pensant que ça valait la peine, a cru pouvoir participer à la création d'une revue et a finalement persévéré dans la vie après avoir touché une caméra." (Catherine Dalfin, juin 2009).

Walwin dan
Catalogue : 2011Second Unit | Vidéo expérimentale | hdcam | couleur | 9:0 | Pays-Bas | Royaume-Uni | 2010
Walwin dan
Second Unit
Vidéo expérimentale | hdcam | couleur | 9:0 | Pays-Bas | Royaume-Uni | 2010

The title refers both to a fictional unit of soldiers and their role in detaining the men standing on the stones in the field, and also to the role of a team in commercial film production to the role of shooting material without the requirement of the main cast and crew. The presence of the camera in observing events, and the characters awareness of it, in front of and behind the camera, lends the video a functional aesthetic that suggests it is made for tactical or intelligence purposes, but is made complicated by the soundtrack, where all the extraneous sounds of the surroundings are audible apart from the dialogue, which further obscures its reading.

Dan Walwin studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, and begins a residency at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam in 2012. Recent presentations include European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck in 2011, Rencontres Internationales in 2010/11 and Festarte Video Art Festival (Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome) in 2010. A solo exhibition of his, tele-, begins in November 2011 at ZAAL5, Filmhuis Den Haag, Netherlands. More information can be found at

Catalogue : 2010Water is a burned body | Vidéo | dv | couleur | 11:45 | Pays-Bas | Royaume-Uni | 2009
Walwin dan
Water is a burned body
Vidéo | dv | couleur | 11:45 | Pays-Bas | Royaume-Uni | 2009

Water is a burned body is an attempt to evoke a dystopia by economic means. A couple wake to find a boat colliding with wall of the flooded house they are in. The man goes to investigate, only to find the body of a woman, which he discards into the water. They set off in the boat into the open water, coming across an obstruction that puts an end to their attempts.

Dan Walwin is an artist working primarily in video, having studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London, graduating in 2007. Recent shows include For the sake of the image at Jerwood Space, London, 2010, Verena Klary, Iwan van`t Spijker, Dan Walwin at Walden Affairs, The Hague, 2009, and Nature Untouched at Tou Vindu, Stavanger, 2007.

Levy dana
Catalogue : 2012Dead World Order | Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 6:30 | Israel | France | 2012
Levy dana
Dead World Order
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 6:30 | Israel | France | 2012

Filmed in Maison de l`Armateur, One of the few houses in Le Havre, France that remained in tact after the city was almost completely destroyed in the allied bombings of 1944. The tower like mansion is a kind of museum. A woman, the curator, is rigorously organizing objects. All kinds of dishes, globes, shells, sculptures, paintings, taxidermy animals, maps, ship models etc... There is something obsessive about her preciseness and the time she invests in placing each item. It is clear that despite the objects useful proposes, they are not being used, lifeless. The more she organizes them, the more she kills them. The work is about a nostalgia to a world that no longer exists, and perhaps never did. The house is built like a spiral, where each floor has more and more rooms, full of treasures that all tell the story of western colonialism, particularly French 19th century bourgeoisie objects, with curiosity cabinets full of exotic oddities from faraway conquered lands. The woman seems to have a special relationship to the objects. Her love and care for the objects, also express her love of the culture she belongs to. The film makes references to suspense movies, such as Hitchcock Vertigo. And the soundtrack is based parts of Bernard Hermann?s Psycho soundtrack.

Born in Tel Aviv, lives in New York Levy?s solo exhibitions include World Order, Center For Contemporary Arts, Tel Aviv (2012); The Wake/ Silent Among Us, Loop Fair, Barcelona (2012); Wild Thing, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, NYC (2010); and Dreams & Disasters, Habres+Partner Gallery, Vienna, Austria (2009). Her group exhibitions include Unnatural, Bass Museum of Art, Miami (2012); Art and Social Activism, Nicholas Cohn Art Projects, Long Island City, NY (2012); Magic Lantern: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2012); Lush Life, Invisible-Exports Gallery, NYC (2010); and Trembling Time: Recent Videos from Israel, Tate Modern, London (2010). Levy was awarded residencies by the LMCC in 2012, Omi International Arts Center (2011), the I-Park Residency Program (2011), and the Institut Francais/Triangle Arts Association (2010), and received the Young Artist Award by the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel (2008). She received her B.A. from Camberwell College of Art and her Post Graduate Diploma from Duncan of Jordanstone ? College of Art, Dundee University.

Catalogue : 2011Desert Station | Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 3:33 | Israel | 2011
Levy dana
Desert Station
Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 3:33 | Israel | 2011

In the midst of the recent revolution in Egypt, Beduins in Israel get updated on the latest news from their car`s radio, in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. Suddenly a bus load of Polish "holyland" pilgrims fill the landscape, posing with Beduin`s camel and taking pictures.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, lives in New York 1998 PostGrad- Electronic Imaging Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee 1997- BA Camberwell College of Art, London . Won the Dumbo Arts Festival NYC best open studio award in 2010; Won the 2008 Young Israeli Artist Award, The Hamburg Film festival low budget jury award 2006, Took part in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2006. Took part in various international artist residencies in the USA: New York 2009-2010, 2011, Florida 2001,Connecticut 2011; In France: Le Havre 2011; in Austria: Vienna 2005, Linz 2003, and in Italy Milan 2007. Solo exhibitions include at: Nicelle Beauchene NYC 2010, Habres+Partner Gallery Vienna 2009; Tavi Dresdner Gallery Tel Aviv 2008; Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv 2004; Haifa Museum of Art 2004.

Catalogue : 2007The House by the wall | Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 4:43 | Israel | 2005
Levy dana
The House by the wall
Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 4:43 | Israel | 2005

Le film est construit à partir d'une suite de photographies prises par l'artiste dans une maison abandonnée, près du mur de séparation dans le territoire palestinien. Les graffitis sur les murs de la maison indiquent que l'armée israélienne occupait ce site. Il s'agit d'un jour ordinaire, les habitants ne peuvent pas partir sans permission, ils sont emprisonnes comme des moutons. Mais les enfants n'ont pas perdu la foi, ils font voler un cerf-volant noir fabriqué avec un sac en plastique.

Dana Levy est née en 1973 à Tel Aviv. Elle a un MA en imagerie électronique du Duncan of Jordanston College of Art (Dundee, Ecosse) et un BA en graphisme du Camberwell College of Art (Londres). Elle vit actuellement en Israel, où elle travaille la photographie numérique, la vidéo single channel et les installations vidéo et multimédia. Son oeuvre explore les notions d'indentité et de frontières, d'appartenance au lieu, d'architecture temporelle. Elle a participé à des résidences d'artistes en Autriche, en Finlande et aux Etats-Unis. Elle a également montré son oeuvre au Haifa Museum of Art, à la Rosenfeld Gallery à Tel Aviv, au Digital Art LAb en Israel. Elle a participé à diverses manifestations collectives, au Tel Aviv Museum of Art, au Smack Mellon à New York, à l'OK center for Contemporary art en Autriche, au Jewish Museum à New York. Ses vidéos ont été projetées dans divers festivals de films.

Levy dana
Catalogue : 2015Eden Without Eve | Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 5:2 | Israel | USA | 2014
Levy dana
Eden Without Eve
Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 5:2 | Israel | USA | 2014

A short documentary about life in the Everglades National Park’s with it’s few residents. Living in the midst of a national park, they learn to exist with the the wild. As a woman filmmaker I observe these men almost like an anthropologist, observing how they interact with their surroundings. The only women that appear in the film are as still images in Lucky`s photographs, . He believes that women like having themselves put in a romantic, exotic, dangerous setting to be photographed.

Dana Levy was born in Tel Aviv and Lives and works in New York. She completed her Post graduate in Electronic Imaging at the Duncan of Jordanston College of Art Dundee University, Scotland, and holds a BA from Camberwell Art College London Awards include 2013 Beatrice Kolliner Young Artist Award from the Israel Museum, 2010 Dumbo Arts Festival best studio award, 2008 Young Israeli Artist Award, 2006 Hamburg Short Film festival jury award. Solo shows include at The Israel Museum, CCA Tel Aviv, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery New York . Her work has been screened at Tate London, Tribeca Film Festival,Oberhausen Film Festival and more. group shows include at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Cartagena 2013, Bass Museum, Miami, Florida, Invisible Exports Gallery NYC , MOCA Cleveland, EVA International Bienniel , Israel Museum Jerusalem, Harn Museum of Art ,OK Contemporary Art, Linz Au and more Artist Residencies include AIRIE Everglades National Park, Wave Hill Workspace residency New, LMCC Workspace NYC, Le Havre/ New York. Regards croisés
Art Omi NY, I-park, Connecticut, Triangle Arts Association NY and more

daniel & clara
Catalogue : 2019Notes from a Journey | Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 72:30 | Royaume-Uni | 2019
daniel & clara
Notes from a Journey
Fiction expérimentale | hdv | couleur | 72:30 | Royaume-Uni | 2019

"Notes From A Journey" uses images and sound captured whilst on a journey through the British landscape as the material for an exploration of the acts of looking/seeing listening/hearing. More than simply mapping a journey across the country, this film presents a map of the filmmakers' engagement with the images of the landscape. By reducing them to impressions, fragments, fictions and forms, the recorded images/sounds are transformed into “artefacts” which, when presented in the sequence of a film, activate narratives, ideas and sensations in the viewer. Central to the film are scenes shot at the Neolithic mound and stone circle of Avebury, motifs that speak of the long and complex relationship humans have to their environment and how through art and ritual we seek to understand our place in relation to it. Ultimately this film is a journey in itself – a first person encounter with the limits of perception, it exists in a place where both the recording device and the human senses are tested.

Daniel & Clara, two humans one artist on a journey of exploration of dimensions real and imagined, the results of which consist of moving image, photography and performance. In their current work they have been exploring the British landscape as a site for encounters with the mysterious, the eerie, the otherworldly and the unknown. As they say, “we seek to see with one eye open and one eye closed, sight turned simultaneously out towards the world and inward to the depths of the human experience.” In their work, images and sounds of the landscape become activators of narratives where past, present and the imagination intermingle. Their work has been exhibited and screened internationally at galleries and film festivals including Whitechapel Gallery, Kettle’s Yard, Fabrica Gallery, Close-up Cinema, BFI, Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, Doclisboa, Microcinema Artist Moving Image, Museu de Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro, Black Box Farnham, Film Mutations Zagreb. In 2019 they launched Moving Image Artists (MIA), an organisation dedicated to supporting and cultivating contemporary moving image art and experimental film. This includes an online magazine, screenings and the Moving Image Salon, a monthly gathering for artists to meet, share and discuss their work. The Moving Image Salon takes place at Film and Video Umbrella, London. Several of their films are distributed online by Tao Films and Kinoscope. Films by Daniel & Clara are also included in the BFI National Archive.

Chris Paul daniels
Catalogue : 2018Northern Lights | Vidéo expérimentale | super8 | couleur et n&b | 13:44 | Royaume-Uni | 0 | 2018
Chris Paul daniels
Northern Lights
Vidéo expérimentale | super8 | couleur et n&b | 13:44 | Royaume-Uni | 0 | 2018

An inquisitive voice from the far future, or "visitor from another place", interrogates the traditions and artefacts of the Blackpool Illuminations, the annual light festival first established in 1879. The disembodied voice seeks to understand, but often confuses, Northern English vernacular and traditions against the current shifting political dialogue surrounding Britain's future; misunderstanding Blackpool's unique fantastical imagery as totemic remnants of a former era. Daniels presents his own contemporary 16mm and super-8 film observations as a found archive, and a script littered with word-play related to the local landscape and other seaside end-of-the-pier resorts. Co-comissioned by Grundy Art Gallery and ICA Art and Screen Network.

Chris Paul Daniels is an Artist and Filmmaker, based in Manchester. His work is characterised by experimental documentation of communal perspectives and memories regarding geographical location .He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2010 and co-won the Deutsche Bank Award for Art with Maria Anastassiou for Unravel, the longest hand painted ?lm in Britain. This project resulted in one hundred public events across the UK including Tate Britain, BFI Southbank, Turner Contemporary and IKON Gallery. In December 2016, Unravel undertook a residency at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. His recent commissions include `SAFE` at HOME in Manchester, "A Tigers Skin" at CFCCA, and "One Square Mile" for Quays Culture (with Sam Meech). Screenings include the ICA, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Maxxi, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival and Flatpack Film Festival. His most recent film "Northern Lights" is a co-commission between ICA Art and Screen Network and Grundy Art Gallery. Chris is a Lecturer at Manchester School of Art.

Ariani darmawan
Catalogue : 2006A City of Desire | Fiction | dv | couleur | 4:0 | Indonésie | 2006
Ariani darmawan
A City of Desire
Fiction | dv | couleur | 4:0 | Indonésie | 2006

An interpretation of Italo Calvino's Zobeide: a tale of a city where the inhabitants constantly build their places upon their dreams... which never come true. Calvino names it 'an ugly city', we call it 'a reality'.

Ariani Darmawan is a video artist/filmmaker who lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. She studied Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago after finishing her bachelor degree in Architecture at the Parahyangan Catholic University in her hometown. Most of her works comment on power/identity and language along with its construction of meanings, where she constantly erases and re-draws the lines of actuality. Ariani has participated in numerous film festivals and art exhibitions in North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. She recently finished her short film called "The Anniversaries" after receiving a special mention at the Jakarta International Film Festival Script Competition.

Kenan darwich
Catalogue : 2005Do the Bambi | Animation | dv | couleur | 2:15 | Syrie | Allemagne | 2005
Kenan darwich
Do the Bambi
Animation | dv | couleur | 2:15 | Syrie | Allemagne | 2005

"Do the Bambi" est une vidéo musicale expérimentale sur la chanson du groupe Stereo Total. Le film se compose de 2000 images individuelles, dessinées à la main, et relie ainsi des ambiances au visuel poétisé en se basant sur une ancienne technique de dessin animé et en utilisant les nouveaux médias.

Kenan Darwich est né en 1982 à Damas, Syrie. Il vit depuis 2001 à Hambourg. En 2003 il commence ses études à la Kunsthochschule de Kiel, section design de la communication.

Bhaskar Jyoti das, waribam dorendra
Catalogue : 2019I Don't Want to Be Born Again for Poem | Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 22:0 | Inde | 2019
Bhaskar Jyoti das , waribam dorendra
I Don't Want to Be Born Again for Poem
Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 22:0 | Inde | 2019

During 1970’s and 80’s there were many revolutionary uprising happening, near and far, all around the world. In this period, amidst this protest and revolutionary uprising, a poet symbolically expresses his feelings to capture the complexity of human existence. Constant financial pressure in his family life is also evident in his words. At one point, words become distorted and absurd. One evening, the poet, Abani Chakravarty disappears and left many confusions.

we are two Directors 1. Bhaskar Jyoti Das, I am currently based in Assam. I’m an independent film maker and Screenplay writer. Recently two of my scripted feature films got Best film award, one, in Los Angeles Indian Film Festivals 2017, “SONAR BORON PAKHI”, another in MAMI 2016, india,”HANDUK” and National Film Award 2016. Last 10 yrs I worked for 3 UCLA projects under a professor from University of California, LA, USA. 2. Waribam Dorendra, studied basic film making in his native state of Assam in India. He explored film making process for some years with a mini DV camera. He has edited few short and long, video and documentaries of his fellow native filmmakers. He has worked with a new media group called Desire Machine Collective from 2007 till 2010 on a project called "periferry" in Guwahati city. He has made many short and long videos and documentaries since the year 2007. He finds cinema as a tool to reflect upon life as well as playful desire.