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Adriana bravo, ivanna terrazas
Beso de chola (Chola Kiss)
Video | hdv | color | 4'0'' | Bolivia | 2016
Sophie Roger is already known for her art of detour, which she practices to take us through unexpected paths with friendship as a common thread, an art displayed in Le Point Aveugle (FID 2012) and Les Jardiniers du Petit Paris (FID 2010). Here too, delicately woven onto the screen, this is about friendship, with a Sudanese refugee in Le Havre named Mohamed. This friendship rests on sharing, attention, listening and laughs, waves upon waves, the very waves from the eponymous text by Virginia Woolf which she reads out to him, or the waves painted by Courbet in a painting at Musée du Havre, which he lightens up with his gaze. (FIDMarseille)