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Johannes krell, florian fischer
Kaltes Tal
Vidéo, Experimental documen | 4k | couleur | 11'56'' | Allemagne | 2016
Oscillating between aesthetic and documentary forms, the short film “Kaltes Tal” describes the daily business of a strip mine harvesting lime. The material removed is processed and returned to nature through forest liming. This measure attempts to counteract acid rain that troubles the forest floor. A cycle like a Mobius strip – an irreversible consequence due to the mining materials in order to restore the fragile natural balance. Lime dust delicately dusts the forest floor. A white, spherical alternative world opens, questioning our ambivalent relationship to nature.
Johannes Krell Born in Halle (Saale) on September 17, 1982 • postgraduate studies in ‘Media Arts’ Academy of Media Arts Cologne since 2014 • Professional Media Masterclass / Werkleitz 2013 • Freelance work as camera man, cutter and sound designer since 2008 • B.A. in Audiovisual Media / Camera (BHT) - Berlin 2006 - 2011 • Abitur, Halle 2002 Florian G. M. Fischer Born in Tübingen on January 2, 1981 • Professional Media Masterclass / Werkleitz 2013 • M.A. program Pictorial Sciences, Krems (Austria) seit 2012 • Artistic Worker at Hochschule Harz since 2011 • Member of Master Class of Arno Fischer, Berlin 2010 • Diplom in Communication Design, Fachhochschule Potsdam 2009 • Exchange semester in Zurch University of the Arts 2008 • Abitur, Tübingen 2000