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Edward akrout, jakob s. boeskov
Quantum Political Feedback
Experimental video | hdv | color | 8'0'' | France / United Kingdom | 2017
In the video, the artists combine pseudoscience with repetition to investigate the connection between technology and truth. An E-meter device was exploited as a crude polygraph machine. Its pseudoscientific function is to "detect lies" in order to monitor a statement`s progression from lie to truth. Statements were read to and repeated by the participants. Through continuous repetition, the subjects built a relationship with the spoken words, which over time, matured into experiences and finally beliefs. All of the combined elements resulted in mettre en abîme the transformation of a political affirmation into a belief.
Edward Akrout is a Franco-British artist that works between London, New York and Paris. His practice, which largely includes painting, drawing and sculpting, is best described as abstract expressionism. Personal website: EdwardAkrout.com Representation: Lahd Gallery Jakob Boeskov is a Danish-Icelandic artist and filmmaker that works between New York and Copenhagen. Having graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, his pieces have been shown in museums such as New Museum, Science Politiques, Moscow State Academy Art Institute and the Stedelijk Museum. Personal website: JakobBoeskov.com Representation: The Scandinavian Institute