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Carlos Irijalba


Fiction expérimentale | mp4 | couleur | 17:49 | Espagne, Pays-Bas | 2021

At a dystopian future moment in the coast of Oaxaca, due to global warming the oceans PH levels have acidified making them unsuitable for humans, therefor sea tourism has been gone for generations and only indigenous language is spoken. Wuicho repeats his father’s and grandfather’s ritual of keeping swimming pools pristine while he questions his actions and his predecessors. Written a dn filmed on his own, with a reflex camera and a smart phone in 10 days. His work tries to generate no residue in a ready made mode.

Carlos Irijalba born 1979 in Pamplona (Spain) currently lives in Amsterdam where he was a Rijksakademie resident 2013/14. His practice involves environmentally sensitive installations including sculture, video and photography. He has been awarded Mondriaan Fonds Bewezen Talent 2017-2020 and exhibited in itnernational venues loke the Shanghai Biennale, CAB Art Center Brussels, or MUMA en Melbourne in Australia. His work is present in international collections as Sammlung Wemhoener Foundation in Germany, MNCARS Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid) or the Taviloglu Art Collection in Istambul.