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Manuel Palma

Noche día

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 11:25 | Espagne | 2015

A path and someone walking. We observe several atmospheric phenomena such as: the thick haze of mist gradually reveals the way, various intensities of rain falling waved by wind gusts. We move between a haunting and strange serenity which is interrupted by sounds of creatures who live in this place. A way of looking that is used to link space and thought. We move at same time as the landscape with a movement of camera that slides between the natural rhythms of the forest.

Manuel Palma was born in Cadiz in 1986. His audiovisual work has been seen in centers and festivals such as V Festival de MARGENES "Film Letters" in Madrid, ZINEBI57 "Zinergentziak15" in Bilbao, FIVA International Video Art Festival in Buenos Aires, "Music and Visual Arts Sens meeting" in Rambleta, Valencia, CINEMISITICA "Art Cinematheque Cinemistica 7" in Granada, "XXIV Muestra Abierta de videoartistas 18D" in Neomudejar, Madrid. He studied Fine Arts in Sevilla and Valencia were he was strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. He combined his knowledge in drawing and painting with video and sound art education. Manuel Palma complete his audiovisual education with the exchange program at Lietuvas Dailes Akademija in Lithuania, ECAM: Film School in Madrid and VideoLab Master in Madrid. He has developed courses and workshops with artists and filmmakers like James Benning, Lois Patio, Victor Erice, Mercedes Alvarez. Currently he resides in Madrid.