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Jeannette Castioni, Þúriður Jónsdóttir

Sounds of doubt- wave behaviour

Installation vidéo | hdv | couleur | 6:6 | Islande | 2018

Can we investigate our character, role or self-image by observing everyday phenomena and by looking into and discussing simple esthetic symbols? Can the particular tonality or attribute of a certain nationality be discovered -a sort of national character in sound? Can people’s performances in everyday life be observed in a way that simple actions, which in our memory seem to be real, demonstrate to be the result of misremembering or even completely fictional? On Cycle in 2018 during Sounds of Doubts -Workshop the artists worked with three groups, each one with participants from a different Nordic country: Iceland, Faroe Islands and Greenland. Their behaviour was observed by introducing them to different roles and circumstances, either staged or real. This environment gave them the opportunity to examine how the inception of natural and cultural milieu influence the participants’ experience. During the development of the project, languages and the creative functions of our memory were elaborated with musical and visual means. The video and sound recordings from workshops were used for further analyses and elaborations for the multi-media work: Sounds of Doubts. The interdisciplinary collaboration between the artists constitutes a research project in itself as much as the final piece, where conventional ideas and beliefs about musical composition on the one hand and the aesthetic vision on the other, are reviewed and questioned.

My background lies, besides the field of fine arts in the conservation and restoration of paintings. Engaging with diversified collections and archives since the inception of my career enhanced my will to understand questions of time and space and the human ability to develop differentiated forms of cultures and knowledge. I collaborate with cultural mobility programs both in Europe and Asia, as well as receiving awards and prizes from several institutions: The Nordic Cultural Point, the Icelandic Visual Association alongside the Icelandic Patronage from “Amalie Engilberts Art trust” from The National Gallery of Iceland, and the Reykjavik Art Museum. The award for Postgraduate studies from the Guðmunda Andresdottir Foundation.