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Thomas Kneubühler

Days in Nights

Doc. expérimental | | couleur | 3:45 | Canada | 2013

It is hard to navigate in the dark, especially in an unknown territory. Over time, the eyes adjust to the darkness, and the new environment starts to emerge. This video was made during an artist residency at CFS Alert, a military and research station in the high Arctic. CFS Alert is the northernmost settlement in the world, 800 km from the North Pole. From October to early March there is polar night, with no direct sunlight. Most people at the station are there for limited time, on average 3 to 6 months.

Thomas Kneubühler vit au Canada depuis 2000. Il est titulaire d?une maîtrise en beaux arts de l?Université Concordia. Son travail a été présenté dans de nombreuses expositions individuelles au Canada et dans le cadre d?expositions collectives au Canada, en Chine, en Suisse, aux Pays-Bas, en Allemagne et au Mexique.