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Luján Montes


Doc. expérimental | super8 | noir et blanc | 9:0 | Argentine | 2014

"A walker understands gradually that he does not know much about the turbulent and airy flow of the spirit. Or he is incapable of defining it. Nevertheless, he connects with it every time he discovers that his own person constitutes a fragile material structure in the hands of nature’s fluctuations, far from social intermediaries. However, he adapts his definition of “natural” to the changes of his own mind: today is freezing because I freeze, tomorrow the sun burns because I dry out. Fragment of "The book of Haiku" by Alberto Silva.

Luján Montes (1980, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a filmmaker, colorist and photographer. Her projects have been exhibited in numerous national and international festivals (BAFICI, Festival Internacional de Mar del Plata, London Analogue Festival, Festival Internacional de Cine de Centroamérica, Derhumalc) and have been shown in many art venues and museums (Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, Palais de Glace, Casa de Cultural del Fondo Nacional de las Artes).