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Renu Savant


Fiction expérimentale | 35mm | couleur | 22:20 | Inde | 2014

The film strives to create the symbolic echoes in the story of two girls searching for their imaginary friend, whose invisible quality they associate with the anonymity of the industrial black hole - the water pipe. On this, the backdrop of another story - an elemental and existential search for water in a dried up river by two migrant workers from the city. The film moves between the lyrical and the referential, the self-reflexive statement and the existential search, ending in an ironic arrival into the real.

The director, Renu Savant, is a graduate from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. Before this she has worked as researcher, journalist, lecturer. Her short film, Airawat, received the National Award in 2012, apart from other accolades.