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Giorgio Orbi


Documentaire | 4k | couleur | 26:26 | Italie | 2018

“Mountains look so beautiful that once you start looking at them you can’t stop. A glance lasts only a moment but it takes part of a whole metamorphosis” INTHEMOUNTAINS ponders over the role of the artist and the evolutionary dialogue with the mountain and its landscape; an essential role that welcomes the transformations of the contemporary mountain through the collective memory of underground dance music. Monte Pelmo is the starting point of the artist's journey of research. It was climbed by the first President of the London Alpine Club John Ball and witnessed the birth of alpinism in the Dolomites. The structure of the documentary has been progressively built through the vocal contributions of an on-air radio program over one year of broadcast on Radio Cortina, where Orbi invited guests in conversations about the landscape. Among many and different radio contributors, an artist Luigi Ontani, an astrologer Marco Pesatori, an editor Valerio Mannucci, an alpinist Pietro dal Prà and an architect Antonio de Rossi were selected by Orbi to feature as main characters in the documentary. The title of the project comes from “What the Thunder Said” the fifth section of The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot.

Giorgio Orbi (1977) is an Italian artist born in Rome. Before beginning to regularly exhibit his work in art spaces, he took part in the Italian underground music and art creative scene of the nineties. He is a writer, musician, filmmaker, photographer, visual artist and alpinist. In his work, Orbi has often related, through different media, with the concept of the mountain as both a natural and cultural “presence”.