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Constanze Fischbeck, Daniel Kötter

Desert View

Documentaire | 4k | | 83:0 | Allemagne, Egypte | 2017

The film "Desert View" is dedicated to the study of building and living in the semi - built satellite city Madinaty, located in the desert east of Cairo. Madinaty is a fully privately owned city that, unlike a gated community, claims to be an open but self-contained and secure city. All public services are not provided by the state, but by the Arab real estate company Talaat Mustafa. The movie "Desert View" was made during a four-week residency, to which the filmmakers had invited the three-generation Barakat family from ashweyat (informal residential district) Bashtil as a sort of cinematic diary. The temporary residents of Madinaty, filmmaker and Barakat family, captured their observations and experiences of architecture and their use from their respective perspectives and cameras. Two external perspectives on the desert dreams of the Egyptian middle and upper classes. Also part of the project were discursive evenings, to which filmmakers and the Barakat family invited new and old neighbors, architects, artists and urbanists from Cairo to the living room of the villa. Here the different perspectives on the topic "How do we want to live?" were discussed and documented.

Constanze Fischbeck works as stage designer, filmmaker, curator and lecturer in the context of theatre and art. Her artwork is based on the space and present of specific locations. In her films she investigates the interference of documentary and staged moments in the urban context. Her work was presented at various festivals, art institutes and theatres. She has been working with Daniel Kötter (since 2007 ) collectively conducting research and creating experimental documentaries. Their works include Benzin, a reconstruction of exchange systems in Lagos (2008), Making of History (2012) on reconstructions of history and memory and the work about space and place of theatre: state-theatre (2009-2014). She lives in Berlin.