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Sascha Pohle

Reframing the Artist

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 35:0 | Allemagne, Pays-Bas | 2010

REFRAMING THE ARTIST deals with the stereotypical representations of visual artists in movies. The role of the artist both in fictional films and in biopics, classics of the twentieth century or recent popular films, is focused on the artist?s idiosyncratic behavior, his love affairs, his self-destruction associated with a mystification of his creative production or on encounters with other protagonists of the art world such as the collector, the art dealer, the model or the art student. Artists are almost solely painters, which reconfirms a predominant inadequate representation of visual artists in movies. In the video REFRAMING THE ARTIST fragments from approximately 50 different movies such as ?The Moderns? ?Surviving Picasso? or Vincent and Theo? are reset in the Dafen Oil Painting Village. Dafen, situated in Shenzhen, China, is the world`s largest producer of mass-produced handmade oil-on-canvas copy paintings supplying a global market. The video takes place in unmodified settings of the painters` own homes, studios, shops or galleries. There we see Dafen painters re-enacting movie scenes, in which they take over the role of a Picasso, a Van Gogh, a Pollock or several fictional artists, art collectors, critics, muses and lovers. In the ?Reframing the Artist? mass reproduction of oil paintings from Dafen and the recurrent use of artist stereotypes in the mass media film converge to a new narrative overlapping fiction and documentary. The Chinese painter is neither represented as a mere copyist nor does he apply to the notion of the ?original? artist according to our predominant definitions. REFRAMING THE ARTIST raises questions about authenticity in the context of global cultural exchange and it challenges the view of the ?exotic? Other, both the visual artist and the Chinese copy painter. The video is structured into five chapters: Artist and Authenticity, Artist and Market, Artist and Crisis, Artist and Student, Artist and Model. Painting props taken from the same original movies re-appear as copies in REFRAMING THE ARTIST.

Education 2002 B.A. Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Städelschule), klasse Ayse Erkmen, Frankfurt am Main, DE 2007 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, NL (Selected) solo exhibitions 2013 Rongwrong, Amsterdam, NL 2012 Art space Apguyeong, open in November en gecureerd door Ji Yoon Yang (De Appel CP 2008/09), Seoul, KR, (aanstaand) (exhibited works: Noire et Blanche + new production) 2012 Lothringer_13_Halle, gecureerd door Felix Ruhöfer, München, DE (exhibited works: Noire et Blanche, Statues Also Die, German Indian, Reframing the Artist, The Mad Masters) 2012 Gallery Weingrüll, Karlsruhe, DE (exhibited works: Noire et Blanche, Reframing the Artist, Statues Also Die) (Selected) group exhibitions 2013 ?Transfer Korea-NRW?, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf and Kunstmuseum Bonn, National Museum of Korea, Arko, (upcoming) - new production: Ornaments of Property 2012 Monitoring/ Kasseler Dokumentarfilm und Videofest, (upcoming), DE - Statues Also Die 2012 ?Generation Loss?, Green Papaya Art Projects, Manila, PHL 2012 ?Signals: For Real?, IFFR, 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam, gecureerd door Edwin Carels, NL - Reframing the Artist 2011 Museum der Moderne Salzburg, ?role models-role playing?, AUT - The Mad Masters 2010 Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam, ?Villains and Heroes?, Sascha Pohle/Marco Pando, NL - German Indian 2010 Dafen International Contemporary Art Exhibition, ?Convection? Dafen Sub-Venue, Shenzhen Case Pavillion, 2010 Shanghai EXPO, CN - Reframing the Artist 2010 Taipeh International Art Center, Urban Nomad Video Art Section, TW - Reframing the Artist 2010 ?works?, basis, Frankfurt, DE 2008 PARA/SITE art space, ?Terminus?, gecureerd door Christina Li (De Appel CP 2008/09), Hong Kong - The Swimmer 2008 ?Beyond Paradise?, SMBA Stedeljik Museum Bureau Amsterdam, gecureerd door Delphine Bedel and Ayako Yoshimura , NL - The Swimmer 2008 ?Vertrautes Terrain?, ZKM - Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, gecureerd door Gregor Jansen and Thomas Thiel - German Indian 2008 Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt am Main, DE, `All-Inclusiv A Tourist World - The Swimmer (Selected) Filmfestivals 2012 BIEFF, Bukarest, RO, Reframing the Artist 2012 58. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen, DE, Reframing the Artist 2012 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam, NL, Reframing the Artist 2011 HomeShop, Jue Festival, Beijng, CN, Reframing the Artist 2009 Videonale 12, Bonn, DE, The Mad Masters¬ 2008 International Film Festival, 16th Curtas Vila do Conde, PT, If I were you ? LAS VEGAS NEW YORK BLACKPOOL, The Mad Masters 2008 37th International Filmfestival Rotterdam, NL If I were you ? LAS VEGAS NEW YORK BLACKPOOL Residencies 2006-2007 Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten/Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, 2009 Meetfactory, Prague, CZ 2011 Incheon Art Platform, KR 2012 Changdong Studios, Seoul, KR (upcoming) Prices, Awards 2012 Principal Price, 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, for Reframing the Artist, Netherlands, 2010 Fellowships/stipends 2011/12 The Netherlands Film Fund, research subsidy on DVD movie piracy 2011/12 Fonds BKVB, standard werkbudget for Noire et Blanche in combination with a residency in Incheon Art Platform, Korea 2010 Fonds BKVB, werkbudget for Detective project ? The Student of Prague 2009 Fonds BKVB, standard werkbudget for MeetFactory artist residency 2009 The Netherlands Film Fund, NL for Reframing the Artist 2008 Fonds BKVB, basis stipend, NL 2007 Hessische Kulturstiftung, DE, for The Mad Masters and If I were you ? LAS VEGAS NEW YORK BLACKPOOL 2006 DAAD, Berlin, DE 2006 Kunststiftung NRW, DE 2003 Kunststiftung NRW, DE, for Safety Hour 2003 Kulturstiftung Dresden der Dresdner Bank, DE, studio stipend `dynamo.eintracht`