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Stephan Lugbauer

Fragments Of A Jam

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 11:34 | Autriche | 2014

In Fragments of a Jam my intention was to stage a choice of research material circling the topics of the voyage, the search and espionage. The project emerged as part of a group show of commissioned works on behalf of the abbey of Melk to celebrate the anniversary year of their patron. The curatorial notion circled around similar topics. On the opening night the audience could attend the filming in the abbeys pavillon. Similar to About Me and The Tour (The Mackeys), that combine forms of live performance with filmic language, this work is oscillating between a theatrical performance and a film shoot. For the duration of the exhibition, the various coloured frames/panels used as props for the set, now form an environment to present the resulting film of the opening night.

Stephan Lugbauer born in Feldkirch Austria in 1976 now lives and works in Vienna and Lower Austria. He studied Architecture at the Technical University Vienna, received his MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts, New Media Department, Vienna and was fellow of the MAK Schindler Residency, Los Angeles and of the BMUKK Studio Resicency in Mexico City. He is co-founder of Saprophyt, an independent conzeptual art space and project ( His work has been featured in several international exhibitions and festivals such as Hors Pistes, Centre George Pompidou, Les Rencontres Internationales Paris, Madrid, Berlin, CAAM, Gran Canaria, Kunsthalle Wien, Secession, Vienna. His work is fundamentally critic and analytic, interrogating the role of creation and artists. It re-evaluates the porosity of art, which is pervaded with contemporary political and economical areas. "My notion of art has always been a sphere apart from any kind of constraints. A realm of freedom which most probably can only exist in our imagination, but for which I nonetheless fight for. In my vision of art the artist himself plays the role of the antagonist to the mainstream. He is the rebel, the outsider - a professional un-professional. "