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Galería Perdida

The blind don't see black, they see nothing

Film expérimental | 16mm | noir et blanc | 5:41 | Mexique, USA | 2015

This film marks an investigation into the halftone print. Specifically, the spherical and diamond pattern that makes up an image found commonly in offset printing. These tessellations form a corollary to the structure of language where each "dot" is akin to a phoneme. In linguistics, the collated phonemes make up a morpheme—what we can call a meaningful word. The dot in the halftone print functions much the same way. With these dots, the reach of an image is made possible, exploded and distributed for the masses. Its legibility is a consumable currency by being illustrative for accompanying texts. When enlarged, the text loosens its hinges on the atomized image. The dots establish a dominant vocabulary contingent only on one another. For The Blind Don`t see Black, They See Nothing, the poetics lie within the parts of a whole, hidden amidst a constituted body.

The artist collective Galería Perdida are known for their multidisciplinary practice that brings together an inquiry of traditional crafts and the absurd, typographical design with semantic operatives. Fundamental to their research are encounters with idiosyncratic found texts and humor, design principles and the moving image; these irrational sources form the basis of a sculptural vocabulary. The use of humor is just one of many interests that Galería Perdida pursue in their body of work. Textiles, dead languages, redundancy, negation, display and the gallery, glyphs, organic matter, and graphic design are among the multiple reference points. Their constellation of objects and situations formulate a place for these subjects to collide, interact, and push against one another while defining the decree that the production of an object is not a singular but collective act.