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Daniel Jacoby

Ahold of Get the Things To

Fiction expérimentale | 16mm | couleur | 16:52 | Pérou | 2014

The film hovers over the speculations of a monotonous future where beings have lived all possible lives. A climbing gym serves as the futuristic scenario for a succession of dialogues, abstractly connected by the recurrence of three after-animal-named characters: a Whale, a Tortoise and a Parrot. Their conversations go in and out a meta-film that confuses itself with the one we’re actually watching. Among other things, they speak about the desire to die or the impossibility to lie in a limitless timespan. The shooting script of this film was affected by a technical condition: the take length of a Bolex compact 16mm film camera, which is limited to 25 seconds. This forced the fragmentation of the desired long take into 25-second clips. As a solution, all these clips were concatenated by matching images. The so-called keyframes – which are mostly climbing holds on the walls – produce a pseudo-long shot divided by countless jump-cuts. Thus, the film has a stepped but unequivocal real-time pace.

Daniel Jacoby (Lima, 1985) graduated in fine arts from the University of Barcelona and furthered his studies at the Städelschule in Frankfurt, where he studied under Simon Starling and Peter Fischli. He uses film and video as a binding agent for the various media deployed in his works. Recent exhibitions include those taking place at The Banff Centre (Alberta), Kunsthal Chalottenborg (Copenhagen), Galerie Antoine Levi (solo, Paris), Maisterravalbuena Galería (solo, Madrid), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof (Hamburg), Plataforma Revolver (Lisbon), SESC Videobrasil (Sao Paulo), 1646 (solo, The Hague), Trafó (Budapest), S1 Artspace (Sheffield), and the 11th Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador). Daniel has done residencies at Tenjinyama (Sapporo), Sasso (Ticino), Casino Luxembourg (Luxembourg), ARE (Enschede), and Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo). He has been the recipient of several prizes and grants in Spain, as well as awarded the Premi GAC to the best exhibition of the year 2011 in a gallery. He has released books with publishers such as Mousse Publishing (Milano), Save As… Publications (Barcelona) and Cru (Barcelona), and is co-editor of the platform for artists’ writings Texto.