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Rachel Shearer

Hold Still

Vidéo expérimentale | dv | | 6:36 | Nouvelle-Zélande | 2009

Ethel Garden, Lucy Mills and Violet Winstone, women of means in 1930?s New Zealand use 16mm film cameras to document their lives and surroundings. Incidental to this act, a psychic tracery is drawn of simultaneous moments. The intimacy of their home movie making has been edited and re- assembled into a study of a landscape - internal, physical, cultural - and these women`s place within it. The addition of sound looks to support a cinematic treatment of the images by drawing on traditional aspects of film sound design but reducing the usual combination of elements (ambience, music, Foley, sound effects, dialogue) to selected singular layers - the musical sequences drawing on silent movie?s tradition of theatre cinema organ music, the emotive devices of gothic film noir, progressively reduced to sound effect gestures, coloured ambience and back to silence, implying a selective listening/remembering of history.

Rachel Shearer is a sound artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. A history in a range of sound practices and their relationship with moving image informs her work. Active as a performing and recording musician since the late 1980?s, Rachel has released material internationally with well-known music labels, (Xpressway (NZ), Flying Nun (NZ), Ecstatic Peace (US), Corpus Hermeticum (NZ), Family Vineyard (US) among them. Rachel trained in Cologne, Germany in live sound engineering, subsequently working freelance in both live sound and in post-production audio for film and television. She has sound designed and composed for a number of NZ award winning features and short films. Her most recent sound art commissions include permanent site-specific sound installations in New Zealand.