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Jeamin Cha

It is not a question but a balloon

Art vidéo | | couleur | 9:41 | Coree du Sud | 2010

It is not about a question but a balloon is composed of installation and video. Throughout the work, the artist focuses on making a way of experience to unforget and evokes the details of what happened during the summer of 1989 through Su-Kyung Lim?s narration. She participated in the recording after correcting the wrong statements of the articles. The script is corrected by Sukyung Lim?s testimony. As a result, the narration of the video transmits mixed tenses: the past, the present and the future were arranged for the incident in 1989. In order to withdraw the fixed trust from the recorded history, one should have one?s own belief in incidents from the past through personal experiences. Hence it was concentrated to make a way of experience. This video is only to show a little incident against the propaganda heading somewhere with a timer attached to it. - Su-Kyung Lim went to Pyongyang when she was twenty-one. In order to participate in the 13th annual World Student Celebration, she traveled secretly on June 30,1989 without South Korean governments? knowledge. After the visiting North Korea, she was put in the prison due to violating the National Security Law.

Jeamin Cha was born in Republic of Korea in 1986, and studied fine art at Korean National University of Arts (BA) from 2005 to 2010. She also studied video at Chelsea College of Art and Design (MA), London. She researches the delicate conflict in significance between the individual and the social, visualising it in dramatic format. Her primary medium is video, she is making moving image works about the social and political dissension. She currently lives and works in London.