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Michelle Deignan

Her Fanciful Digression

Fiction expérimentale | hdcam | couleur | 10:54 | Irlande, Royaume-Uni | 2012

`Her Fanciful Digression` imagines a meeting between 19th Century Irish feminist Anna Doyle Wheeler and English landscape painter John Constable. It is set in Hatfield Forest, formerly The Houblon Estate, in South East England. Two apprentice romantics dressed in period costume repeatedly walk through the vistas of the landscape as the film`s voice over talks about the events that contribute to Constable and Wheeler`s meeting. The film considers the aesthetics of romanticism within the context of cultural, political and economic changes of the time and the application of those aesthetics in film now.

Michelle Deignan`s is an artist and filmmaker. Her work is represented by Maria Stenfors, London. She has exhibited in over 50 national and international exhibitions and festivals including: `New Work UK - Trust Yourself`, Whitechapel Gallery, London; `Europart - New Contemporary Art from Europe`, Vienna; `transmediale.08`, House of Cultures, Berlin; `Her Fanciful Digression`, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork; `Film Programme 1`, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe; `Black Box Programme` at the Edinburgh Film Festival.