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Jonathan Cummins

Out The Road (2011 - 2015) - Film 4

Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur | 37:29 | Irlande | 2015

‘Film 4’ is the final film in the video installation ‘Out the Road (2011 – 2015)’. The four-film installation is part of an extensive three-part film project by the artist that examines the impact of militant ideological belief on self, family and society through conversations since 2004 with members of the IRA and their families. The works aim to create discursive, and potentially agonistic, environments for civic and political discourse and democracy. The men who participated in previous works by the artist such as When I Leave These Landings (2004 – 2009) and Go Home (2010 – 2013), often refer to the impact that their decision to become involved in the IRA, and subsequent imprisonment, had on their families – ‘The women also did the time’, one of the men explained. Out the Road (2011 – 2014) examines the impact of involvement in a clandestine and paramilitary organisation on family through the perspectives of close family. In many cases, the partners were left to provide for themselves and young children in addition to having to offer ongoing support to partners who were in prison for as long as seventeen years; and who sometimes returned again, and again. On returning home, the men and their families faced significant challenges; relationships often floundered, old ways sometimes returned. The narratives of this four-part film-installation weave their way through loyalty, anger, stigma, hope, loss, pride, determination and longing. ‘Film 4’ addresses the inter-generational impact of involvement in political violence– in this case, the impact of a father’s involvement and imprisonment on his son.

Jonathan Cummins’ work is made for gallery and screen and has addressed themes including ideological belief, political violence and listening. Most notably through the film installations When I Leave These Landings 2004–2009, Go Home 2010–2013 and Out the Road 2012–2015. He has exhibited with Void, NCAD Gallery, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris and at other locations and events. He has curated exhibitions for artists including Santiago Sierra, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, John Gerrard, Brian Maguire and Phil Collins. Jonathan graduated with an MFA in media art from UCLA where he also studied screenwriting. He studied sociology at Trinity College Dublin. He teaches with Belfast Art School.