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Steve Reinke

Welcome to David Wojnarowicz Week

Vidéo | hdv | couleur | 14:1 | Canada, USA | 2016

Reinke proposes a new holiday with the motto MORE RAGE LESS DISGUST: David Wojnarowicz Week and takes us through his seven days of celebration of the life of artist, writer and AIDS activist, David Wojnarowicz. Plankton, Kafka, Bette Davis, Wednesday afternoon visits with friends, more plankton, burning villages, Hollis Frampton, Sammy Davis Jr. as a libidinal machine producing sadness, opera, disembowelment, poetry.

Steve Reinke is an artist and writer best known for his monologue-based video essays, which are widely screened and collected. Originally from Canada, he know lives in Chicago and teaches in the department of Art, Theory, Practice at Northwestern.