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Heta Saukkonen


Vidéo | hdv | noir et blanc | 10:42 | Finlande | 2015

Powyłamywanymi is an experimental video. The inspiration and the title comes from a polish tongue twister "Stół z powyłamywanymi nogami" meaning "a table with broken legs". The word in the title means breaking only in context of this sentence. Supposedly it dates back to the Soviet times when everything used to be more or less broken. Through repetitive breaking of different tables the work examines how absurd is constructed, but also fragilities of any given systems such as language, political structures or a human body.

Heta Saukkonen (b. 1990) has a Bachelor of Arts from Aalto University and currently completes master’s degrees in Photography at Aalto University and in Time and Space Arts at University of the Arts Helsinki. She works with mediums of video, photography and installation in the borderline between the visual and the verbal and is interested in the absurd, systems and the unexplainable.