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Ali hazara
Dusty Night
Documentary | dv | color | 20'0'' | Afghanistan / France | 2011
At dusk, a team of sweepers come in from the outskirts and work at night, shadows among shadows, displacing the heavy dust, along an avenue in the flashing lights of cars and glimmering shops,or gas station.
I was born in a very remote village in 1977. Ghvas it is called, in Behsood, inWardak Province in Afghanistan. Soon my family immigrated in 1979, due to the dangers that would threaten my father. My family emigrated to Iran and passed all my childhood in that country. I returned to Afghanistan in 2004. I started the cinema, with Atelier Varan in 2007, in Afghanistan. I want to change the situation in Afghanistan, writing the song, movie making, andmaking fun of television programs. But after so many years remained a dark figurein my mind of my land, and it is dusty night.