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Antoni muntadas
In Girum Revisited
Video | hdv | color | 14'26'' | Spain / Italy | 2016

Barcelona-born, but a longtime New Yorker, Antoni Muntadas figures among a first generation of artists investigating the social and political significance of information and broadcast media. This thirty-year retrospective, first seen at the Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo, includes several videos from the pre’fiber optic era, such as Video Is Television’, 1989, which magnifies and distorts images from a host of appropriated sources, including several Hollywood films (Poltergeist, Network). Backed by a plunking score, the nearly indecipherable TV images are overlaid with captions such as CONTEXT and FRAGMENT: blunt reminders of mass media’s partiality and its constitutive power. An even earlier interactive installation, On Subjectivity, 1978, invites visitors to comment on media images divorced from their original context and therefore’a critical ‘therefore’ for the artist’shorn of their original meaning.