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Christian barani
Lac Assal
Experimental doc. | hdv | color | 15'12'' | France / Djibouti | 2019
In the rift valley of Djibouti, in the black of volcanic rocks, men are waiting. In this desert, a few years before, the production of salt organized life. Since the competition has won. On the shores of Lake Assal, resistance fighters go in search of salt concretions hoping to sell them to the few tourists who would come to contemplate the blue of the lake.
Christian Barani was born in 1959, lives in Paris. He builds a practice that combines the field of documentary with that of Visual Arts. His research is based on a performative device that engages a body/camera walking in space. It defines a rule of the game that composes with chance and improvisation and generates images without a priori. He filmed where political and social violence oppressed, drawing a portrait of the defeated over time.