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Nika autor
Catalogue : 2018Newsreel 63 - The train of Shadows | Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur et n&b | 39:0 | Slovénie | 2017
Nika autor
Newsreel 63 - The train of Shadows
Doc. expérimental | hdv | couleur et n&b | 39:0 | Slovénie | 2017

Newsreel 63 follows newsreel-related practices and tries to position and understand a particular image a shred of video taken on the once famous Belgrade - Ljubljana rail-line, where refugees now travel not in couchettes but between the trains wheels. Newsreel 63 drifts into a visual investigation of railways and explores its historical, social and political narrative. The essayistic and associative elements of Newsreel 63 link this historical narrative to our pursuit of happiness, the idea of voyage in the current social constellation, where our longing for happiness is all too often tied to the idea of travelling somewhere or indeed the need to secure the means for mere basic survival.

Nika Autor finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana (BA and MA) and finished her PhD in Practice at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Her practice is primarily based on experimental videos and documentary films, film essays, newsreels and spatial video and film installations. The focus of her work is a research of the invisibilities/ inaudibilities dealing with concealed topics of the forgotten past and the silenced present. Her work focuses on the production of particular images, specific constructions of collective memory as well as on personal/oral narratives and examines asylum and migration policies, workers rights and politics of memory. She is part of the collective Newsreel Front (Obzorniška Fronta), an informal collective of workers coming from the field of film theory and art practice.

Vartan avakian
Catalogue : 2011Short Wave / Long Wave | Documentaire | 0 | couleur | 9:0 | Liban | France | 2009
Vartan avakian
Short Wave / Long Wave
Documentaire | 0 | couleur | 9:0 | Liban | France | 2009

Behind the sea, when the weather was clear, stood a city with a high skyline and big structures. It looked like cities in films. Actually, it looked like New York in American films and TV series. I believed it was America. Some cities have no sound, some have no name. In my lovely hometown Jbeil, I was called "the Armenian" by my neighbors and my friends. When my father was still a kid, his name changed from Hampartsoum Avakian to Antoun Al-Armani, Anton the Armenian. To save my name, I searched for the anonymity of urban life.

Vartan Avakian is a visual artist and researcher born in Byblos (Lebanon) in 1977. His work is inter-disciplinary employing video, installation, photography and pop media. He studied Communication Arts (film and theatre) at the Lebanese American University and worked professionally in media production and scenic design. He is currently pursuing graduate studies in Architecture and Urban Culture at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. He is a founding member of the art collective Atfal Ahdath.

Juana awad, jorge lozano
Catalogue : 2006Ideology | Vidéo expérimentale | super8 | couleur | 4:30 | Colombie | Canada | 2005
Juana awad , jorge lozano
Vidéo expérimentale | super8 | couleur | 4:30 | Colombie | Canada | 2005

En bouleversant les tabous concernant le politiquement correct et en démentant les constructions sociales dominantes, l'Idéologie prend un tour soudain.

Juana Awad est une artiste multidisciplinaire colombienne vivant à Toronto. Jorge Lozano est un artiste colombien vivant lui aussi à Toronto. Ils ont collaboré sur plusieurs films et projets vidéos et sont co-directeurs du AluCine Toronto Latino Film and Video Festival et du AlucinArte International.

azzoro group
Catalogue : 2006Proposal | Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 1:52 | Pologne | 2003
azzoro group
Vidéo expérimentale | dv | couleur | 1:52 | Pologne | 2003

Dans "Proposal" un groupe est assis en cercle dans un bureau. Les membres du cercle sont en train d'écouter un message qui a été laissé sur leur répondeur. Un conservateur ou représentant d'une galerie leur propose de participer à une exposition dans cette galerie. Une longue liste de questions et de restrictions s'ensuit. La voix exprime emphatiquement son espoir qu'ils ne soient pas découragés par le peu que la galerie peut leur offrir. Le collectif d'artistes polonais Azorro Group ne manquera jamais une occasion artistique de ridiculiser cette même occasion, et eux y compris. Dans leurs performances, photos et vidéos, ils se manifestent comme un couple de clowns qui se moquent du cercle des expositions et des conservateurs dans son ensemble. Cela ne suppose pas beaucoup de paroles ou d'écrits mais plutôt beaucoup de pauses et de rires. Les actes niais sont leur marque de fabrique.