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Yunjoo Kwak

A Chronicle of Plan van Gool

Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 20:0 | Pays-Bas, Corée du Sud | 2014

A Chronicle of Plan van Gool (20 mins, 2014) is a video essay by Yunjoo Kwak, developed during a conversation with an architect, Endry van Velzen, regarding his text ‘Over vanzelfsprekendheid, de 1138 van Gool in Amsterdam Noord’, (in: OASE nr. 49 1998, p. 44-65) The text presents a sophisticated analysis of Plan van Gool, designed by a State architect Frans van Gool (1929 – ) in 1968, and reflects upon van Gool’s fundamental critique of modernist concepts through the residential building. By appropriating his text, the essay attempts to re-examine the thoughts of the two architects, how they perceive of architectural performances – aesthetically, politically, and economically – and how each responds to environmental forces and crises.

Yunjoo Kwak (Seoul, South Korea, 1977) lives and works in Amsterdam. She studied and taught in MFA at the Korean National University of Art, Seoul, 2008 and Dutch Art Institute/ ArtEZ, Arnhem, 2011. Her works has exhibited in a number of different public venues such as French Cultural Centre, Reykjavik Museum of Photography and Seoul Museum of Art. Her works often deals within notion of ‘performativity’ as practicing political and aesthetical strategy in various mediums; film, lecture performance, text and publication.