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Tor-finn Malum Fitje, Thomas Anthony Hill

Ad Nauseam: The End of Kitchen Politics

Vidéo | mov | couleur | 5:13 | Norvège | 2019

The age-old dispute between the open and the closed kitchen solution have reached a dramatic climax where “The Separatists” face the “The Open Kitchen Radicals” in one final heated battle. From there the film also debates the existential properties of the bar, as in opposition to the conservative breakfast table, and attempt to explain differences in psychological temperament through people’s preferences of kitchen worktop. The End of Kitchen Politics is the second film of the umbrella project Ad Nauseam, a series of essayistic videoss portraying a society where doubt no longer exists. In this day and age, neurologists have discovered the center of consciousness, the open kitchen solution has been ruled mandatory by law, and every new parent follows the hand book How To Raise a Child obediently. While Christianity and Neo-atheism have merged to form The Faitheist Church, a universal understanding of all the rules of football have been reached. And yet, this society is permeated by a chaos so disruptive that it’s hard for people even to breathe. Through hyper stylized 3D animations and what they call “clear-cut narration”, video artist duo Tor-Finn Malum Fitje and Thomas Anthony Hill comment on the current paradigm of truth, and attempt to challenge the post-modern notion that all ways of looking at the world can be equally true.

Tor-Finn Malum Fitje (1989) was born in Porsgrunn and grew up in Bergen, Norway, where he first studied Film Production, specialising with a Bachelor’s degree in Directing. He went on to do a BFA at Konstfack, before earning his Master of Fine Arts at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, graduating in 2016. Currently based in Oslo, Malum Fitjes work comprises essayistic video and audio installations, as well as text-based art. He has screened his films at the Modern Museum in Stockholm, the Gallery of Photography in Oslo and is currently working on three new films called Ad Nauseam: National Treasures Explained, that will be exhibited at the opening of the new National Museum in Oslo. Thomas Anthony Hill (1989) born in Coffs Harbor, Australia, grew up in Bergen, Norway and has lived in Oslo since 2017. In 2014 he graduated with a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at the University of Bergen and has since then worked as a film critic and translator. Together with Malum Fitje he has created the works Hyphenic (2018) and Ad Nauseam (2020), the latter currently being exhibited at Galleri Golsa in Oslo.