Catalogue > Un extrait vidéo au hasard

Shirin Mozaffari

Someone Else's Project

Documentaire | hdv | couleur | 4:7 | Iran, USA | 2012

Someone Else?s Project gives an unmediated insider look to the everyday lives of residents of Tehran, focusing on a correspondence between a U.S. based artist, and a Tehran based videographer, who takes on the risk of shooting illegally on the streets. The videographer recounts her interactions with civilians and guards, where strangers offer her voluntary and enthusiastic support to accomplish an illegal task. While reflecting on the unexpectedly familiar nature of everyday life in Tehran, Someone Else?s Project sheds light on Tehrani civilian?s resistant attitude towards civil obedience and the isolation of a society that is desperate to participate.

Shirin Mozaffari is a media artist, born and raised in Tehran, Iran. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Mozaffari has screened her short films and exhibited her video installations widely in the United States and abroad including the Asian American Film Festival at The Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and the Queelnsland Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland Australia. Mozaffari was awarded for best Art Direction at Chicago Short Film Festival for her film Namesake. Mozaffari currently lives and works in Boston, MA.